How to: Make Reflectix Window Coverings for Truck Camping

So I am all about getting ready to go camping right now. I have changed how I am going to camp this year a little.

Last year I used a truck tent.

It was awesome, but it limits what you can do. If I go camping with a group of people and don’t plan on leaving the spot, for sure this is the set up to go with. The tent takes some time to get figured out, or it did for me anyway…so taking it down once it’s set up wasn’t an option for me. Practice makes perfect and all that crap, but no.

And my Dad won’t let me drive with it on the back of the truck…no backwoods exploring = no fun. Boo.

Also safety is something to think about. Again group situation, good. Solo adventure, not so much.

I also killed the shit out of my battery camping this way. I had all of my gear in the cab. Doors open. All. The. Time. Not cool. Not cool.

Unless you are the tow truck guy, and you just got some easy money from my dumb ass.

So my plan this year is what you ask? Well let me tell you.

That’s right, the backseat of my truck is going to be my bed. It’s huge and will be perfect. Lockable. Warmer. No dead battery.

I have three different options for the actual bed on order, the first one I tried sucked. I will let you know how that goes and post pictures when my mission has been accomplished. I have a folding Tonneau cover on the back of the truck, and have also got that set up for all of my containers to fit in with maximum accessibility.

Oh and I made a table. Sort of. It was a gong show. Don’t use cheap glue. Get clamps. And for the love of God do NOT get Gorilla glue in your hair. You literally have to to CUT THAT SHIT OUT. And the board doesn’t exactly look like this finished. Don’t ask and shut up.

So while I wait for the bed stuff to arrive, I have also been trying to figure out a way to block the windows and have privacy while I was sleeping. Thanks to google and stealing other peoples ideas I have come up with a pretty good solution.

Here is your introduction to Reflectix Insulation. It comes on a roll, it’s cheap, flexible and a truck campers best friend. I actually bought one for my windshield at crappy tire, it is exactly the same material but not as well made as mine are. LOL. No really…I would have saved money if I’d know about this sooner.

You can buy the Reflectix in different sizes, where I work, we have it on a bulk roll, it is 4 feet tall and I bought 10 feet to do all four of my very large truck windows. I also had enough left over to insulate both of my coolers.

Here’s what you need:

-One 4 x 10 piece of Reflectix

-One roll of Duct tape. I used a lot. But remember, I’m ridiculous. And anal.


Time: Anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, maybe not as long if you don’t get sidetracked by two coolers before you finish the truck.

All I did to measure and mark the Reflectix was cut a piece about 2 inches bigger than my window was, jam into the space where the window is. I marked along the edges as close as I could get, leaving enough extra that I can secure it by shoving the shade into the rubbers on the window.

You could use suction cups to keep the reflectix on your window as well, putting a hole through the window covering and securing the suction cup to it. I’m lazy, it seems easier to ram it in. I mean why not? Right? But if for some reason your car doesn’t have enough rubber that you can slide the shade into it you may have to find another way to secure it. Suction cups, trust me they are the next answer.

I repeated this on all four windows, I even had enough left to do across my back window. Like I said I had already bought the front windshield cover, so I didn’t have to worry about doing that but it would be very simple to do as well.

The next thing I did is put duct tape around the edges of all of the shades. This is where I ran into trouble. I am a perfectionist when it comes to details so it took me a long time to do the tape work, I wanted them to look decent as well as being a bit more functional by having the duct tape around the edges. I think this will lengthen the amount of time I will be able to use them.

They also fit perfectly behind the back seat of the Titan.

So there you have it. Mission accomplished for under $20. Time well spent I think. The only thing I did wrong which I didn’t notice until after everything was cut was that I did the rear windows on the vertical, and the front windows on the horizontal of the Reflectix. No biggie, the only one that’s going to see that shit is me and I’m easy. I’ll also be sleeping. So it won’t matter.

As far as projects go I’m gonna give this one a 10/10. Not like the table, not like that at all.

What are your awesome camping hacks? Hit me up in the comments!!

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