My dirty little secrets…

Welcome to my somewhat twisted corner of the Universe, glad you dropped by for a visit :)

Below I am going to give you some stuff about me that you should probably know before you go any further :)

Ok, well here goes…

I have a couple of really bad addictions. There is no cure. I am destined to have them for life…

#1. I have a really bad tattoo problem. I love them. I have three. One that covers a lot of my back, one on my right leg and one small one on my arm.

#2. I have no filter… I sometimes usually say whatever comes into my head, without thinking about what is coming out of my mouth or off the tips of my fingers when I type, I am sure it is  part of my charm…

#3. I swear like a logger. Always have, probably always will. Deal with it…

#4. I love to blog. It is a passion I have just discovered that I am crazy about…obviously.

#5. I used to have a 67 Mustang named Jezebelle. I had her for 14 years, I sold her in April of 2014 and now I own a 2010 Coupe that is my daily driver. It’s a problem, but a fun one…



#6. I hate turnips and liver…I won’t eat either of them EVER. Don’t try to mix them into stuff to disguise them, I will know.

#7. I have OCD. I am a clean freak, but it is only in my own house. I don’t care how clean your house is…really. Why don’t people believe that? If I have eat off of your nasty dirty floor I might have an issue, but otherwise, you are good to go, don’t worry about me, really…

#8. The toilet paper has to go on the right way, over the top. If I go somewhere and it is wrong. I will change it. See #7.

#9. I love my family more than anything in the world, I would do anything for any of them…that includes the friends that are dear to me. I am 100% loyal.

#10. My pet peeves are liars, and people who betray my trust. If you betray me even once,  I will probably walk away from you and never look back. I deserve better and will always strive for that. There is no excuse for dishonesty.

#11. I am a horrible flirt. Nuff said.

#12. I get along with men better than women. See #11.

#13. I have watched the Young and the Restless since I was little. Really. I am not kidding. My Grandma used to watch it all the time, I can still hear her singing the theme song at the top of her lungs when it came on. It is a happy place for me…I miss her.

#14. I love the smell of exhaust fumes, like from a 67 Mustang. It turns me on…I know, shut up…

#15. As much as I bitch about mowing my really big lawn, I somehow find it therapeutic…I think good when I am mowing.

#16. I am a pretty good cook when I want to be…I love baking more though, which my kids love, but my waistline does NOT!!

#17. I have an unnatural love for pickles, and the little mini cucumbers that you use to make them…oh, and arugula…I will stand in the garden and just eat it off the plant…

#18. I claim to not be a girlie girl…but in a lot of ways I am. I secretly admire girls who can pull it all together and be oh so freaking adorable…

#19. My toenails are always painted, my finger nails never…

#20. I love getting that perfect photo, you know, the one that you don’t expect to be freaking amazing…

#21. I am self sufficient, and find it really difficult to ask for any kind of help from anyone.

#22. I like living on my own. ( I wrote this one when I was single, and seriously, I really did. I like waking up beside Bruce more…just saying)

#23. I can’t sing to save my life, but I do it anyways…so just hope the radio is loud enough that you can’t hear me…and that my car windows are up, because yep…I am that girl that drives down the road singing at the top of her lungs.

#24. I am terrified of flying.

#25. I have flannel sheets on my bed all year long…part of the reason I live alone, I have never met a boy who didn’t bitch about them in the summer. (til now…again, was single when written :) he sucks it up…)

Well that is probably more than too much info about me for now, if you are still hanging on by a thread after that, feel free to take a tour around the place, and please leave me a message would ya???

Thanks again for dropping by…

Cheers!!! Donna…


90 thoughts on “My dirty little secrets…

  1. Wow, you sound cool! :)
    And I love your car! It was my late dad’s favourite car and he has always been proudly telling me I was conceived in it ;) I hope by the time Ill be able to afford one of these babies I’ll have someone around to teach me how to take care of it/her/him? unfortunately my cdad can’t anymore and you’re too far

  2. Hi, I just found your blog, and I am hooked. I love your list about yourself, not just the presentation but the honesty. I dislike liars as well, no tolerance at all for lying. I am eager to keep reading. Your mustang is awesome, I love that model, one of my best friends in high school had an orange ’67.

  3. No, I don’t. I am afraid I somehow became too busy, too caught up in too many things.At this point you have already read my blog on Grandpa. His was the house that me and my family spent the snowbound winter of 1978 in. It was there I got hooked. I watched as long as I was in school and some after. When I could no longer watch it on a regular basis, I soon lost touch.

    My wife still watches The Young and the Restless, though. She works at home and it is on during her lunch break.

  4. There is something to be said about being comfortable in your own skin. If you don’t like yourself, then you can never like anyone else. My soaps forever were Guiding Light and As the World Turns. It was nearly the same reason. We were snowbound for a winter with my parents recovering from a wreck and living at my grandparents house for months in the days of only broadcast channels. I got hooked.

  5. Hi there, Donna. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog this morning. I’ve followed your link to come check out yours, and I am loving it. I have subscribed to your blog and will be coming here regularly. We might even meet in person one day. :)


  6. Hello! Just found you through the Crazy Chicks Club, and so far I really like your blog! Hysterical! I’m from NY, so I’m told all the time that I’m too direct or that I have no filter. I just started to blog too, so I’ve been trying to behave myself… I think us Crazy Chicks have to stick together, and I just subscribed to your blog! Best of luck to you ~Pam

  7. What a great “About” page! And Jezebelle is gorgeous (and I don’t even like favor the color burgundy and I’m saying that!). Thanks for the frequent visits and comments to my blog. I appreciate them!

  8. Nicely updated! Jezebelle looks sweet in that photo! On the subject of toilet paper, I’m with you all the way, it has to be over the top, I mean, seriously, what weirdo puts it with the flappy bit at the back?

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  10. Hey … just found your blog through PKConfessions ~ (I’m a preacher’s kid too so her blog title caught my eye) ~ Anyway, I’m new to WordPress and I’ve been looking for some blogs to read … I’m thinking I’ll most definitely be back!
    ~ Betty ~
    (By the way, I’m a huge Mustang fan so I’m really loving Jezebelle!)

  11. I’m so glad to hear that someone else names their vehicle…I always have. Right now I have two Acuras…Yoko, a ’96 Integra, and Mitsumi, an ’04 TSX. Even the guys who work at the garage refer to them by name.

    Nice blog!

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  13. This About Page is truly wonderful. I did the single mom thing for 11 years. Ugh. I don’t know how you do it all and blog too! I am glad you love your job, something I yet have to do or find. I admire all that you do. Wishing you well as the days ahead become a blessing to others as you blog.

  14. Hi RNP,

    I very nearly moved to Vancouver last year … which I know is some distance from Vancouver Island. Or it might have been Ottawa that ‘won’ that decision. After all, I would have had to sell one of the children to buy a house in Vancouver.

    I like your blog; I linked to it some time ago from a mutual correspondent, and have read it occasionally. Thanks for your kind words on mine.

    Cheers, Sean.

  15. When I first got this award and had to pick the writers I wanted to nominate, you where the 1st that came to mind.
    Mostly because I feel that you ARE a versatile blogger, You talk about everything and I think that your website is so much fun and I love what you write about.
    Your sense of humor kicks ass.

    So here is your nomination for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD at my website.
    Thank you for your helpful comments + feedback at my blog.
    Follow the instructions from my post if you chose to to accept the award.


  16. Hey, I just checked your page out and found out you are Donna. I added you to my blog buddies today. I hope I did it right.

  17. Oh! What a treat your blog is!! I’m having such a fun visit, getting to know you. I love your car!! I love your good sense of humor! I raised two boys so I know about that! That alone probably has more to do with the way I turned out than anything. LOL I’m acquainted with timkeen–nice guy–and recently The Hook, who I think I’m going to adopt as my own. :) Nice to meet you! I’ll be back!!

  18. Thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my blog. I love what I see here, and in particular, love the Mustang. I have always dreamed of a baby blue mustang with hot pink dice in the mirror. It’s the first car I would buy if I had the money. You’re also very hilarious which I love.

  19. Beautiful car…my mom had a ’66 when I was real young. Love your blog since I found it here recently. Have subscribed so that I can keep up with it! Keep it up!

  20. Hey there. Just came across your blog from a comment you left on Nathan Badley’s page. There are some really funny things here. I thought the most recent post about the Jerry Springer episode was funny. Glad I stopped by!

  21. I just discovered your blog and I really like your style. There is so much to see and explore here, I had to subscribe! I will definitely be back to explore around your blog more. Looking forward to reading what you have to say.

  22. You’re just too cool for words.
    Yes, this is my little girl’s opinion.
    Honestly, I love how you show all your sides in your writing, from your rambles to poetry and your pictures are lovely.
    If I didn’t work right now I would have to comment on everyone of your posts…I’ll do it when I come back.haha

  23. A big sunshine hello from Southern California! It’s 8:30 in the morning and I’m wearing shorts! :)

    Make sure you give a shout out to Tinkerbell- she placed a link on her post today…that’s how I came across your blog. The name you gave it was pretty creative.

    I’m signing up for your posts (via e-mail) so I’ll be poppin’ in…I’ll probably comment too much! (so beware!) Ha!

    You site is unique and refreshing!

    Time to go participate in real life…see you soon!

  24. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad I brought you a bit of sunshine and laughter. We still need that no matter the subject.

    I must ask. What colour is Jezebelle? I love it. I just had to stop for a bit and look at the pictures because so many people had Mustangs when I was growing up. They were the pride and joy, and first car, of so many. It brought back great memories of driving around in the summer and looking at other cars. Thanks.


  25. Hello again.

    I’ve just noticed that you’ve listed my blog on your list of favourite blogs…what a wonderful suprise!

    Thank you so much. I am truly flattered that you liked it that much. Amazing! :-)

  26. Hey Donna,

    Love your blog and just wanted to add my comment to the others to say that you certainly aren’t babbling away alone!

    Classy Rose had already sung your praises to me and I was intending to head your way before I saw the comment you left me…so thank you and nice to meet you as well.

    I shall look forward to reading more about your big move over the coming months.


  27. Hi Princess!

    Papa Joe here just saying “hi”. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll have to see what you’ve been up to here, but so far my peek about looks interesting.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better! :)

    – Papa Joe

  28. I am glad to find your blog, mostly because I like finding blogs and reading about the people of a certain area. No one writes better about the every day life of a town or area than the people from the town or area. I love it. (By the way, the early model Mustangs were the subject of worship in my youth).

    The other reason is very simple. Your blog name. Redneckprincecess.

    I live in a state (Kentucky) that embodies the perception of the term redneck. To find that the term has taken hold in Vancouver is extraordinary.

    It is nice to meet your blog and you.

    • :) about the Mustang worshiping…

      I live in Campbell River, which is about 4 hours from Vancouver, on Vancouver Island. It doesn’t get much more Redneck than here, well unless you go about an hour up Island to Sayward :)

      It is equally nice to meet you, and I am on my way to check out your blog right now :)

      ttfn…and thanks for commenting!!

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