Because I barely made it through today…

The day started out normally enough, I went to the shit show work, as usual.

I needed to pick my Mom up in Sechelt and take her to the hospital for her monthly doctor visit. On my way to the hospital I was coming around a fairly sharp corner and there was a car about three lengths in front of me going the same way. As we went up the hill and we were coming around the blind corner, a car coming the other way is literally in our fucking lane, he looks up from I am assuming texting, in the nick of time swerves out of the car in front of me’s way. Nobody touched their brakes or had a heart attack, though I didn’t breath for a couple of minutes afterwards…

Apparently all three of the people in the cars, the two that nearly hit and me watching, needed some kind of an awakening.

I totally believe that when something like that happens the universe is telling you something… open your eyes, pay better attention, life is fucking short.

It’s sure stuck with me today. Sometimes things happening like that jolt me enough to change everything. Which I’m working on in little ways every day.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of procrastination. Especially right now with the Covid virus coming back stronger than it did the first two times, you have to be careful what you do. But my dreams are big and my goals are coming into focus.

But after today I wonder if there is room for procrastination. I am trying to be present in every moment, even the crappy ones. But it’s a hard habit to break when you have done it for a long time, and it takes a lot of work. And I’m sure all of you as well, have felt the lethargy and exhaustion that our world has created during this pandemic. We are supposed to be regrouping rewiring and reevaluating our lives right now. And that’s really hard fucking work.

So I have decided that from now on I am going to be happier. Enjoy every moment. And go camping!!! (Lol, well in a couple of weeks. I am working on a new camping arrangement that will help with me not killing the shit out of my battery…I’ll post more soon.)

I’m going to figure out ways to live in this crazy world and still be me.

I’m going to eat well and what I want, I’m going to be happy in my body, and thankful that I got one more bloody day to be alive.

And I just want the Universe to know…I heard you! I am at full attention.

Oh and tomorrow is my last day of work for 4. I was supposed to go to the Island and see my children as it is Dylan’s birthday on April 9. He is 30. (What the actual fuck is that? How are we all this old now?) Unfortunately that plan has been put on hold due to Covid so I am having a staycation. And he has to wait for presents and cake. Sorry Dylan.

Even though it wasn’t the plan I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it.

Happy being alive day friends!!! And happy birthday week to you my son. 😘

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