Camping days are here again…

Camping season has begun. That’s right friends, I have been on my first adventure. The awesome thing about camping at this time of year, is that no one else is. So you get solitude. And quiet. And awesome.

For me camping is how I unplug from the daily insanity that is life right now. Some how it lessens the stupid just a little, come Monday. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t go away, just gets easier to handle.

I have this camping thing down to a fine art. I sleep in my truck. In the most comfy bed ever. Like I didn’t want to come home and sleep in my real bed. My food and supplies are all in the box of the truck, can you say no dead battery this year from opening the door of the cab 100 times a day? Yes.

I thought I took a picture of the box setup, but apparently I just thought about it and got sidetracked. Probably by bacon. Why is camping bacon literally the best thing ever? I dream about it. So much so, I am going camping again this weekend. And maybe every weekend until October. I feel like I deserve it. And remember, grounding. And bacon.

Maybe…if I ever left my campsite, I could even meet some new friends. I long to be just like I was as a kid, you know just walk up to everyone and say hey. We had sooo many good times camping when we were kids.

We went camping in Osoyoos every summer for years. Some of those friends I made are still friends now, they were awesome days.

I camp by myself mostly now, and since I am old and don’t drink much, it’s more about reading, cooking, sitting by a fire and seeing how long I can hold it before I finally have head to the outhouse. Ah…how priorities change.

But then in many ways, some things stay the same. I am happiest when I’m back to my roots, back to my happy teenaged girl place when I am literally out in the bush playing house. So camping I will go, heading out into some weekend solitude….

Show me your cool camping set up!!!

Happy trails, even if they have to be in your hometown…

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