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It’s been a long time since I have written anything. Like literally years. I have no idea how that happened. Life gets in the way, things change, projects change and oh ya. COVID-19.

It never even occurred to me when I was in lockdown to start writing again. It honestly never even occurred to me until ten minutes ago. It’s like I totally forgot about the part of me that used to HAVE to write something every day. What the actual hell is that?

I have been on a huge transformation in the last four years. I have had one more failed relationship, which I have worked through with much learning of patterns, forgiveness of my own choices, not wrong, but wrong for who I am at a soul level. I have had to learn to value my own gut feelings and figure out why I always go back to what I know instead of what I deserve.

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Let go of the chains…


Unshackle the chain and let your soul be okay…you’ve carried it for too long and it is not your burden. Love who you are in spite of it…because of it. It’s made you awesome, strong and smarter. You can let it go now. Move forward with gratitude, peace and forgiveness. The good is still part of you and the bad doesn’t matter anymore because it’s the past. Feel it, be okay with the sadness, grieve for whatever it is, and then let it wash out to sea. You don’t need it anymore.


Mercury Retrograde…

Let’s just start by saying fuck you Mercury Retrograde.

For me it means that everything will be a challenge, mostly electronic. And by that I mean that absolutely everything I own that plugs in or keeps me connected to said world will either blow up, break down, do whatever the fuck it wants, make me cry and more than likely, just not bloody work for the whole period of retrograde.

I know, many of you are saying…whatever. Maybe you are just a dumb ass that is technically challenged. Well you wouldn’t be wrong, because when the planets align this way…that is the feeling. But seriously…I am getting old. I have lived this three times a year since forever. I just notice it more now because we have more devices that our faces are stuck into.

And I’m getting old.

My patience for shit that takes too long is very, very short. My patience for things that don’t work usually ends with me throwing whatever that thing is…away.

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