Rolling with the punches…

Well today I had an open house.

I spent all of last night and two hours this morning getting the house ready. I have OCD, so it is never ok with me to just leave it as is and make sure it is vacuumed. I end up rearranging crap and making it fabulous. So now it is…

No one showed up.

That is typical for open houses. Well mine anyways.

I have never had a successful open house. It is no one’s fault. It just is what it is.

I feel sorry for my Real Estate agent today. I know she is trying so hard, and doing everything that she can do, with little to no result.

It is frustrating for us both. She left me the cutest note after the open house, that totally made me smile…

I sit inside your home and say why…why…

is no one coming here or writing offers.

I just don’t get it!!

No one came :(


I mean seriously, I don’t even ever need to sell my house after that…ever.

She just, in a few little words, made me feel like all the work I have done, and all the blood, sweat and tears that have come with me owning this house has made it all worth while…

Because it is a HOME…

My home…

It will sell. I know this. So does she.

But after so much time passing and no interest, it is hard to sometimes keep that in perspective.

I am trying to though, I really am. And then today…

I had a sort of bizarre thing happen to me at work.

This lady that I had talked too about three weeks ago came back in…she lives in the same little neighborhood that I am thinking of buying in. She has a two story house there, I believe she also backs onto the greenspace…

Well…today she asked me if I was still interested in living there. I said I was, but was still trying to sell my house.

She said that she is considering selling her place.

Was I interested?

Well, yes…I am. I would love to take a look at her house and see if it will work for me. Not having a real estate agent would be a bonus for that side of the sale, and maybe we could arrange something between us, that would insure she would wait for me to sell and not list it.

We will talk, I am waiting for her to call me back so we can chat about it and I can go over and take a look at her place.

I know that the Universe will provide what I need. Maybe this opportunity was what the hold up has been…maybe not.

I am not sure, but I am optimistic about everything to come.

My future will be all it should be with whatever lesson I need on it’s way.

So… to my Real Estate agent and friend Anita…don’t worry girl…we will get this done, it might just take a bit longer is all.

And to the Universe.

I get it. I am rolling with it. It’s all good…


36 thoughts on “Rolling with the punches…

  1. I read somewhere that open houses are just waste of time as they rarely get people interested in buying the house to come and see. It’s easier for estate agents, but useless for home owners. But it may be different in the US… good luck anyway.


  2. Obviously your lesson is Patience! Few of us ladies have it. LOL
    My thought on this has always been when it’s meant to happen it will.
    Could you somehow mindmeld your OCD to me, my house could use a good cleaning.


  3. Hi,
    If you send me the listing, I can look at it and maybe make a few suggestions to help your agent along… I have a lot of background in the business and a Broker’s license. Just a helping hand nothing more… :-)
    Also, even if you wish to work with a FSBO, just let your agent know as a courtesy to her; nothing ruins trust than hearing stuff through the grapevine.
    Sending you best wishes for movement with your home… but I can’t offer insights until I know more.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.:-)


  4. I am sure in time the right person will come along and fall in love with your house.

    Thought I would share with you what one friend of mine does. This realtor friend hosts a private showing for other realtors to showcase any property that she is trying to get off the ground. She and the homeowner gather up some yummy food and lots of realtors is a great mix for getting your poperty shown. :)

    IF you have tried this already, forgive my butt in.


  5. Bummer on all the hard work you put in and get it ready and then no shows? I guess the market still isn’t where it needs to be. As you know, when it’s time, it will happen. Hang in there D!


  6. Sorry to hear about the open house. I feel guilty to my house everytime I think that it’s too small or something and would feel so sorry for it if nobody was even interested enogh to to show up for its open house.


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