Seniors Day…

I don’t know why I can’t get it straight. You know, the day that all the stores give seniors a great deal? I try to avoid it at all costs. Weekly. Now I don’t know if I am the one having a senior moment, or if it is just always seniors day here. I was sure that […]

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Updating my link on your site…

Hi again all, I was just on a blog I read a lot, and he had to move sites, he mentioned that everyone would have to update the links on their pages to his site, which totally never occurred to me…so… If you have a link to me on your blog, could I please get you to […]

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Munchie Mondays~Chicken Enchiladas

New post up here!! Don’t forget to re-subscribe at the new site, if you don’t validate, you won’t get the updates :) also if you want to add my new blog to your wordpress reader, check out this help page…

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