The Mean Old Lady…continued

Well it looks like Mrs. California the crazy bitch is not going to go away easily. She called on one of my days off.

My bosses weren’t there that day, so my friend Linda apparently got the brunt of her pleasantness.

She then went and told Barb, who I also work with.

Let me make clear that neither of them knew what was going on before the phone call…


She apparently told Linda how absolutely rude I was (she said the young girl behind the counter…I assume she meant me. Compliment taken…) by suggesting that she had actually USED the pump. Again let me make this clear. We have NO problem taking the pump back if you have used it a couple of times and it doesn’t work for you. It was a simple question that I would have asked anyone.

The problem was…

SHE HAD NO RECEIPT… and the box had been either sitting in the extreme hot sun indefinitely or she had had it where it was wet somewhere, because the box was totalled.

And she was a bitch.

Barb said she heard later that day on the news that there was some big shakedown with Americans getting nailed for tax evasion somehow, while living in Canada…

She figures this woman was in a panic…maybe it was happening to her…


Remember we thought maybe she lost it all in the stock disaster that happened right before that when she came in the first time?


And seriously, I might have had more sympathy for her if she had come in and told me she was wanted for tax evasion, more so than the fact that she had medical issues (which certainly weren’t apparent while she was screaming at me) and that all Canadians were rude and totally greedy, and she was leaving this horrible country and never coming back…

I will keep you updated.

Apparently she is calling back this week when the bosses are in. I still haven’t given them my side of it all yet.

But you can be positively sure that they will get an earful about how rude I am.

Lucky them…hopefully they don’t fire me.

I am kidding.

I am pretty sure I am safe this time…

At least she called me young. You gotta take the good out of every situation right?


19 thoughts on “The Mean Old Lady…continued

  1. Why is it that when people make a certain age they think it’s their right to be a bitch/prick. Also when they reach a certain income it gives them the right to speak down to people.
    Most of the time I just don’t like people. They’re Rude!
    Good on you. F___ the customer is always right. I say giv’em what they deseve. Treat them like they treat you.
    Have a good day everyone. LOL

    Aloha, Gwen


  2. Sounds to me as if she be slightly unbalanced in her mind.Try not to think too badly of her, it may not be her fault!

    anyway……….THE BEST OF LUCK…I think that you are going to need it


  3. What a monumental idiot! Give her number to me …I’ll call and pretend to be your boss. When she starts trashing you, I’ll ask her to describe you and I’ll say, “Oh, that sounds like my daughter.” I might even throw in that you (my imaginary daughter) is only working part time because you’ve taken a job with Revenue Canada tracking down foreign income tax evaders. Then I’ll ask her for the serial number of the machine and when she tells me, I’ll tell her we never had a shipment of pumps with that number, then I’ll pretend to talk with you (or a cop) while partially covering the receiver “Yup, we got another commercial fraud here. I’ll try to keep her on the line while you track her location and vector the local police to her!”

    I’m a natural at customer service.


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