What I do while I am waiting for the new people to show up…

I make stuff for my house :) I have fixed everything around the castle. The last think left is to fix a couple of broken windows I have, which William and I will do while he is here on Wednesday :)

So to keep myself amused I made this totally adorable hanger for my bathroom (it will be awesome whichever house I am in!!) I absolutely LOVE how it turned out…

It has lots of uses, keys, jewelry, towels, use your imagination!!

This is what you will need if you want to make this hanger:

  • 1 ~ 3″ pipe clamp
  • 3 coat hooks of your preference
  • 1 board or piece of scrap wood, my piece was about 1′ x 18″
  • paint in the color of your choice, I love it in the white, and I used a bit of black around the edges to get the darker look as my wood was very light in color.
  • 1 small mason jar, this could be adjusted if you have something else groovy to hang there.
  • screwdriver
  • sandpaper

First off I used and Exacto blade to make the edges of my wood rough and beat up looking, then sand it to make all the edges sliver free.

Next, using a cloth, or paintbrush paint the wood lightly. After the main color of paint is dry, I painted the edges with the black paint and quickly wiped it off before it dried. Then sand the paint until you get your desired stressed look.

Next place your hangers in place and screw them on.

The pipe clamp will need a whole punched through it to put the screw through, I just used a big nail and a hammer to punch the hole in mine. Screw that in place on your board.

For the hangers in the back I just used self leveling picture hangers, nail in place, and viola!!

That’s it!! You are done. Add your funky jar and hang it up!!

I absolutely need to give credit where credit is due. I found the directions for this little project here:


Check her site out, there is some great stuff there!!!
Have a great Tuesday friends!!!

41 thoughts on “What I do while I am waiting for the new people to show up…

  1. I seriously can’t believe you made this! I am so jealous… I wish I was that crafty. This is beautiful and totally something I would use. By the way… I love All Recipes too!


  2. Love, love, love it! I actually like it better than the original in the link you posted :) Awesome job sista!!! Now I REALLY wanna make one and will MAKE a place for it. lol


  3. Yes I have been using my imagination on this newly crafted bathroom accessory of yours and I think that I noticed some handcuffs, well perhaps it was something entirely innocent of course but then again you did say that we should use our own inventiveness and as I am rather inventive I have noticed the unnoticeable…

    Okay I am out of here before I get shot or something… lol
    Have a nice day and evening Redneck Princess
    Androgoth Xx


  4. This is very cool. Have you ever considered approaching your local TV station (or the Home Network) and pitching a Martha redneck home project show? You’re seriously good at that stuff!


  5. I love it Donna, you are so clever to have made it yourself! I suppose we can do anything if we really try hard enough, so I might just take your suggestion and make one for myself!


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