Super Sexy Sunday…

This week we are going to check out some way awesome summer trends :)

1. Super cute summer dress… if it ever gets warm enough to wear it!!!


2. Really PINK toes!!! I must get this color!!! Love it!!

3. Love, love, love these Stella McCartney shoes…

4. Silver necklace…Yes please…so awesome!!

5. Great hair, I am working towards this :) So pretty…

6. Coach Purses, what is NOT to love?

7. The best part of summer, Old Navy Flip flops…

8. My new summer drink??? A Mango Margarita!!!! I think so…click on the picture to check out My life as a Mrs…always great recipes!!

9. Cutest bracelet EVER!!!

10. And last but not least, favorite eye color for the summer…isn’t she just totally adorable???

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