You aren’t 17 anymore…

My 16 year old son, who is still alive after this comment by the way, just stuck his head out my dining room window, as I was painting the trim, and said to me “Mom, put some clothes on, you aren’t 17 anymore.”

He is lucky I am not, because if I could have moved faster, I would have come in the house and kicked his mouthy ass…

and just so you know, I am wearing cutoffs and  a white tank top…

What the hell should I be wearing, my slippers and matching sweat pants with a hoody…

The kid is lucky to still be alive, really.

30 thoughts on “You aren’t 17 anymore…

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  2. Yes he’s lucky he’s cute and funny, you should remind him he’s lucky to have a hot momma and not one that needs to run around in a mumu, just sayin’.


    p.s. my new grandson and my other special boy arrive next Saturday, sure we can’t entice you to a visit.


  3. Didn’t you know the dress code for when you leave your teens behind? It’s very simple, you have to wear sensible shoes or slippers, a scarf just in case your neck feels a tiny bit chilly, and lots of thick brown clothes. Fashion and colour and style are only allowed to be worn by teenagers!


  4. That is normal teenage talk..There comes a time when every teenager thinks that parents should cover up BUT we all know you RNP, no way will you cover up.
    From what I see and what I read you are still a young chick and your son should be proud to have a Mother that looks like you.
    You have retained your figure, you work hard, and you still look beautiful.

    Change into a bikini ..that would do the trick!


  5. No not sweat pants or a hoody…maybe he thinks more of like a mumu…one of those granny nighties. I’m not saying you are old, but that is what pops in my head when I was that age…hehe had to totally giggle. :0)


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