Living in a dream world…

Or not…thank god.

I have bizarre dreams sometimes. Like dreams that are so messed up I would NEVER tell anyone about them.

image by Shadow Chen

The dream I had last night wasn’t that bad, but still messed up. I hate waking up mad. This morning I did.

The boy in my dream, who was unidentifiable…was supposed to be my boyfriend. But it didn’t look like Bill, nor did he act like Bill.

I was preparing to be sexy and have a fun filled evening…and he looked at me and said that maybe I shouldn’t try so hard, and there had been enough sex for the week. Three times a day was too much.

Now firstly…enough sex???? WHAT????

Secondly…trying to hard???? WHAT???

Thirdly…three times a day, well that is a bit of a dream, I mean I wish, but who has time for that? So ok…maybe he had a valid point there.

He said to me that I needed to get myself organized on the home front. Like moving and getting my life together.

Yes…he said that out loud…


Good thing it was just a dream.

But dammit, I was PISSED.

Talk about shot down in flames in every way.

I went stomping into the strange bathroom that I have never been in before and washed my face to which I had just applied the right amount of makeup to make me look sultry and hot…

I of course did not do this quietly.

I then decided, I was leaving.


Obviously he didn’t get me at all. It wasn’t going to work out.

I had too much stuff to take with me, and nowhere to put it to get it out of there…

And I was mad.

I sometimes won’t think clearly when I am that mad. It happens more in my dreams than real life.

While I was in the bathroom, I could hear him talking…like I was supposed to care what he had to say at that point. I was madly looking for a pillowcase or anything I could find to throw my stuff into. Did I really need all this shit anyways??? Screw that, I wasn’t leaving anything…

And in the  background…blah, blah, blah…

I just wanted him to shut up.

Finally I was done in the bathroom, who knew I had so much shit? I move out into the room he was in. For some reason the place was only a bedroom and a bathroom, go figure.

I started packing my stuff all together, of course I had no suitcase…nightmare obviously.

And his talking…

He finally shuts up and asks me what I am doing…

I look at him (seriously it is like I am really living this)

and shake my head.

Once again, as has happened many times in my real life…I wonder what the fuck I was thinking.

I say that I am going to take my stuff and go sleep in my truck at the ferry. I am outta here.

Now this part is probably why I woke up mad…

He doesn’t skip a beat…AND KEEPS TALKING….

About random shit, that doesn’t even matter.

If there is one thing that will send me over the edge, it is someone that shows total indifference when something BIG is going down.

Or maybe I was mad because it wasn’t big to him…who knows.

Stupid jerk.

He didn’t deserve me anyways…

Peace ♥ Out…


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