Mercury Retrograde…

Let’s just start by saying fuck you Mercury Retrograde.

For me it means that everything will be a challenge, mostly electronic. And by that I mean that absolutely everything I own that plugs in or keeps me connected to said world will either blow up, break down, do whatever the fuck it wants, make me cry and more than likely, just not bloody work for the whole period of retrograde.

I know, many of you are saying…whatever. Maybe you are just a dumb ass that is technically challenged. Well you wouldn’t be wrong, because when the planets align this way…that is the feeling. But seriously…I am getting old. I have lived this three times a year since forever. I just notice it more now because we have more devices that our faces are stuck into.

And I’m getting old.

My patience for shit that takes too long is very, very short. My patience for things that don’t work usually ends with me throwing whatever that thing is…away.

I am trying to teach myself to just put it down, walk away, get right drunk, and come back to it when I have calmed the fuck down.

Some days, that is so much harder that it should be.

Some days, that just doesn’t happen at all. The walking away I mean. In this world of hit delete. I am a button pushing psychopath. I just want all of the things that aren’t working to go away. Delete.

Ha! There have been other times in life when that skill has actually come in fairly handy. When you get mad enough to lose attachment to said object or sometimes person, the delete button is actually a pretty huge relief. Walking away needs to be practiced a lot before you can get good at it.

Thankfully this month, the only thing that I want to go away is the technical challenge. Or for someone to buy me a new computer so that I can blog without shit freezing up, randomly shutting off, or just plain misbehaving.

NO wait. Mercury Retrograde is a bad time to buy stuff. Never mind. I will just take on the challenge of growing my patience for the next while using this beat up old HP puter… it gets the job done eventually. That is part of the whole gig anyway right?

Learn to slow the fuck down. Enjoy every moment. Even if it is a moment you will never get back fighting your computer.

Oh and don’t forget the missing appointments. That might be because I am old. And now getting forgetful. Even when I write that shit down on the Calendar. For this month we are calling it because of Retrograde. Next month I will think of a different excuse.

So here is to spring finally peeking out from under the damn snow and making it through the first part of spring unscathed and hopefully still in the proud possession of a piece of crap computer that hasn’t been run over by my Mustang.

Happy March!!

2 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde…

  1. I’m with you, girl! People think I’m nuts, but I try to check my monthly horoscope by Susan Miller at “ before I make any plans for the month. I’ve seen Mercury Retrograde kick my ass more than once, and I always try to get a head’s-up beforehand now.


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