Where have all the manners gone?

Yesterday, I posted about no customer service….today it’s people manners, or lack there of, when driving their cars.

Now I am not a perfect driver…I know this, but I am defensive and safe. I don’t tailgate, cut people off, or give people the bird for no reason.

Today William and I went to Naniamo, he has to go back to work tomorrow, an end to a lovely 10 days :(

On the way home, I was slightly astounded by how rude people were.

I don’t know if it is the moon, or just me being overly sensitive, but holy god people. If people walked or drove shopping carts like they drive their cars, there would be fist fights everywhere.

I don’t understand why people feel like it is ok to be a raging asshole when they are driving their cars. Do they think Karma can’t see in the window? That it is ok, because they are enclosed in 2000 lbs of metal? Seriously, it is not ok. YOU ARE GOING TO GET SHOT OR SOMETHING…

It makes me wonder if road rage is cause or effect??? People should be tested every ten years…it should be like getting your licence renewed. Why not, the government takes our 75 bucks every 5 years anyways. Add a fucking test to it, and take the idiots that don’t pass the test licenses away.

You will save lives…really.

Here are my top ten suggestions for people driving:

1. If you are in the fast lane, and you see someone behind you, get out of the fucking way. It isn’t called the fast lane for you to go slow in.

2. If you are coming up on someone in the fast lane, and they are too stupid to move over, take a pill. High beam them a couple of times, nicely, don’t go all Tasmanian Devil on their ass. They are NOT looking at you, they don’t care. Wait until it is safe, and go around the dumbass. You will NOT get there faster dead.

3. Use your mirrors, more than once an hour. Like use them, a lot.

4. Do not read and drive

5. Do not text and drive, you are going 120 km an hour stupid.

6. DO NOT LET YOUR DOG SIT ON YOUR LAP WHILE DRIVING….can you tell this pisses me off? There should be a $500 ticket for that one…seriously.

7. Do not fight with your girlfriend/wife/husband/brother/sister/mother/father while driving, pull over or go home.

8. Do not pick your nose. We can see you dumbass.

9. Do not put on your makeup, do your hair, or change your clothes…you will kill someone, or yourself…how pretty are you gonna be dead?

10. If you hit me doing any of the above, you better hope I am dead, or I will kick your ass when I get out of my truck….just saying.

Well I feel better now…I love blogging, it is such a great release, isn’t it? On a happier note, I got a cord of wood delivered today!!! Yay!! Great couple that even helped us stack it, how great is that, and he was so funny, he called my son Colton, Golden, cause he couldn’t pronounce it…way tooo funny…

The open house was sort of a bust, only one couple through, and they loved everything, but wanted an en-suite, which I unfortunately don’t have :( oh well, it will happen when it should. So I am just waiting for my Homemade Macaroni and Cheese (comfort food) to cook, then I am snuggling up with my blankie…miss my sweetie so much already…

I will need to keep myself busy til I am back at work, luckily it is supposed to be beautiful and sunny for the next few days, I have some yard work to do, my Pieris Japonica needs a big haircut, the snow annihilated it, and everything could use a little tlc…my daffodils are poking their heads up as well as my crocus, it gives me hope that winter is nearly done and spring is right around the corner…

After the beautiful sunny day today, I was thinking I need to go and get my Mustang from my dad’s too. That will insure I sell my house asap :) And it will be a great opportunity to get my new heater core put in. Just need a couple of sunny days in a row…I so should have gone today, oh well soon enough, I really need a Mustang fix….and that really brings the crazies out, people actually COME AT YOU, when you are in an old restored car, cause they KNOW you are gonna get out of the way…sheesh….don’t even let me get started on that.

So for now, I am finished ranting…I will find something fun to post about tomorrow, after all, it is Monday :)

Peace ♥ out…

10 thoughts on “Where have all the manners gone?

  1. Your 10 driving tips are so funny! It’s the same in Portugal but they also have Xray vision and can see round corners and through hills as they overtake on a bend and on the brow of a hill!

    Have you got a flashing sign in your rear window?


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