Woodguy # 2…

Update on the wood guy, he called me 7:15 tonight, are you kidding me? I let it go to my machine, I just didn’t have the energy and had the beginning of a migraine.

He left me a message saying he was going to bring my wood this morning, but ya, he couldn’t find my address or the phone number. So if I want it tomorrow he could bring it, as long as I phone him first thing in the morning.

That doesn’t make me want to do business with you Jason.

I have another guy coming in the morning, he has already called me once to make sure the wood he already has loaded in his truck, will be ok with me.

I am thinking that Mr. Rahm is getting my business, its a little more money, but the saying is true this time for sure, you get what you pay for…

Night all…

6 thoughts on “Woodguy # 2…

  1. Sounds like he was just making excuses so he didn’t deserve your business. He had his chance and he blew it. You did the right thing finding another guy even though it cost a little more but I would have done the same thing.


  2. Hi,

    sometimes we have to wait weeks for our wood to be delivered…it’s a right PIA. They usually give us a call (in Portuguese) to say they are delivering. Now, because they ring our mobile we can be at the local bar, down the beach, shopping etc etc. The phone goes down and we have to hit the road running to get home. Last lot was 4 cubic mtrs…loads of logs to shift. 30 barrow loads to be precise. Love wood fires but sometimes I wish we had central heating at the flick of a switch. We dont really have a choice as to which log man we use. I wish we did!


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