Never looking back…

I wonder…
how you think I could still love you
how you think that I should still care about how you feel

most of my life was spent…
helping you,
loving you,
needing you,
never judging you,
and just wanting your approval…

all I got back….
was judgment,
and never being good enough of a person to make you happy…

Moving on has been hard….
the hardest thing I have ever done,
there are still days,
when I wonder why,
but never days when I regret my decision to walk away…

I can be happy without you…
and now I have uncomplicated and total love
with friends that don’t judge
and absolute forgiveness of myself for turning around and not ever looking back…

January 23 2009

4 thoughts on “Never looking back…

  1. your words are full of wisdom and peotic to
    yours words inspire me as write this comment to
    your love is so honest and your words beautiful too
    your showed your feelings and how you cared and loved him too
    he obviously didnt deserve such a loving and understanding person like you
    his love may be gone
    but you have grown stronger too
    you express your feelings and emotions
    through words you have written to
    you will find someone special and your heart will be happy too
    love will be so special when it come into your life again
    and your life will be very happy and dark clouds will lift again to
    sun will shine and your eyes will sparkle to
    as your poetry and writing will bring someone to you
    who also has a heart and will care deeply for you
    untill then dont enjoy your life and when he smiles
    you will see him and destiny guide you to.


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