Where the hell did I put my motivation this time?

I want to get up and do my yoga, I really do. I have been fighting this headache for three days now, and I know I will only feel better if I get my ass of this damn computer and go do it. But for some reason, I am just not feeling any motivation at all. I would rather sit here and drink coffee while my cat plays with my hair from the back of the couch and watch The View…god, I need an intervention.

January is a brutal month when you have a seasonal job. It is almost like being in a depression. Christmas and all the chaos is finally over, and for that I am thankful, but I still have at least three weeks until I go back to work. It always leads to the blues for me a little. I find myself on Facebook, and now here on WordPress way more than is healthy for anyone.

So I am thinking I should cut myself a little bit of slack here, and have a week or so to regroup and regenerate, let myself have some days when it is ok to do nothing, the world isn’t going to end if I don’t get the recycling done til tomorrow, or if the garbage doesn’t go out til 11.

As for the yoga, I have now decided while sitting here that I am really going to do it, I am going to finish my coffee and then it is time. Part of the reason I am putting it off, is because I have slacked for weeks now, and I know I am gonna be a hurting unit tomorrow if I do it. The benefits always outweigh the trepidation of doing it…

After the workout and the shower, I think I will make some soap. I am trying a new way of making it, and now I have the scale I have not excuse not to. I have no idea why I am feeling a little nervous about that, considering that I have a soap making addiction, but I am feeling it, which means to me, that I REALLY need to do it and move my ass along…

And I really do need to get the damn garbage out, I have all the debris from the kids New Years party to put out, he is also the source of my recycling issues. I told him if it stayed sitting where it was, as it has, I am taking it back myself, keeping all the money and buying Vodka. He seemed ok with that, even though he is broke, and I noticed that he nonchalantly asked me yesterday how much money I got back…

doesn’t he know I am inefficient this week and haven’t done it yet…sheesh…

And holy crap, he is working, Hallelujah!!!! He has motivated way more than I have in the New Year and is out on the tugs with my ex. He seems fairly excited about how much money he is going to make, and so am I, because I will be getting some rent money out of the deal. Nice. He is working his ass off for the $250 a day he will be making, but I tried to make him see, that kind of coin isn’t gonna come easy, especially working with Adam, he is gonna work the kids ass off, and that’s ok :)

So off I go, to stretch my body in ways it isn’t gonna want to go, and try and get rid of this damn headache that I have decided has not plagued me for far too long. I will report back later with pics and commentary of the soap making, I am thinking it could be fairly amusing….probably as amusing as the yoga will be, but there is definitely not going to be any pictures of that to follow, I like to be funny, but lets not get silly about it ok?

Happy Friday Everyone!!



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