Happy January!!

Well the New year is here…finally. I have to say that I have already made some huge changes to my life from the last  time I posted.  Firstly, I am single once again. Sounds sad, but it really isn't. Was best for everyone involved that way, and it ended well and very civilly, we have known each other forever, and have decided that we are best to be friends…the lover part never seems to work for us in real life.  So as the song goes…here I go again on my own….all good. I am feeling happy and whole and optimistic that my life is progressing absolutely how it should… Manke

well except for my lack of sleep…see, I got a new kitten a few months back.  I love her to death, but DAMN she doesn't sleep well.  She will come to bed and fall asleep alright, usually nearly on my face, which I am trying to change, but as soon as I roll over or move an arm, she is up, walking on me or my head, and repositioning…seriously??? It's annoying….like alot…..and she has this bizarre obsession with my pillows…I have a king size bed, why can't she sleep on the other pillows that obviously no one is using right now???  Only makes sense to me….

my boredom level is elevating these days a little too…January is the month that I prep to go back to work…I am ready, but they won't be til mid Feb…so January is killer for me to waste away.  I am sure there are things I should be doing, but most of them cost money, which I am trying to save, and anything else is outside…well right now it is blowing 60 and raining sideways…not really feeling it ya know?

So tomorrow, I am going to get my back tattoo added onto, my artist and I have mutally decided it needs more…like some 3D and maybe a daffodil and a butterfly or two, seriously, if you don't want to get addicted to it, do NOT get a tattoo….it is like crack :)

That is about it for today, my world is small and quiet these days, thankfully, I will give updates as they happen…happy 2010 everyone!!!

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