Coming back slowly….

I have been blessed with the cold from hell for the last 5 days or so…started as a sore throat…went down hill from there.  Today is the first day I feel even close to human, still not enough to leave the house, but better none the less.  Makes me thankful for the fact that most days my family and I are all healthy and well…that is a huge blessing in life that I think I sometimes take for granted…so I am just absolutely being as thankful for it as I can be :)  I am also thankful for the fact that tomorrow I will get to leave my house for the first time in days :) I love my house but my own company is getting old…heheheh…time for some outside influence, good or bad at this point.

It has given me some time to regroup and think about some stuff that has been flying around in my head unattended…that is a good thing…I am feeling whole and happy and ready to take on the world, and I am soooo excited about going back to work, only three weeks to go!!! So that's about it for today, happy Sunday to all…have a great next week!!

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