What the…

It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything to post about. I’m not sure why, but it is what it is…and then today I woke up.

In a total panic. Because it was 5:55 am. I usually get up at 5:15, so I have time for a relaxing coffee and enough time for me to wake the hell up.

Monday mornings are crazy at my job because I get my big order in. I’m talking 4 pallets as a rule. I always try to be a little early so I can get crates and returns on the truck.

I had woken up at 5:03, looked at my clock and thought, oh good I have a few more minutes.

I then woke up in a total panic, you know the kind right? When you know that you have just been asleep for more than the minutes you knew you had…I wasn’t wrong, it was 5:55…somehow when you know coffee has been missed and now your day is already backwards, you can get out of bed like you are 20 again. Like a rocket. That shit is dangerous when you are 57.

So I get up, slam the kettle on and jump in the shower. I then realize I didn’t put any thought into a lunch. Which is weird for me. I always make my lunch. Food is literally my favourite thing in life right now. but I also think oh well, I have sushi left from going out last night, I’ll take that.

So as I get out of the shower and head towards the coffee, something in the back of my head is like…hmmm….

I went out for Sushi on Saturday night…how is it Monday? I haven’t done the Sunday stuff yet…what the hell. I go to my phone and sure enough.

It’s bloody Sunday.

I can honestly say I have never in my life tried to go to work a day early. Til today.

So, I now, have already had a shower, have my laundry in and am watching a movie and enjoying my coffee in a less panicked way. Its kind of like Christmas! I have a whole day in front of me, that I didn’t expect when I woke up.

Who said being a dumbass doesn’t have its advantages right?

Happy Sunday loves….

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