Camping days are here again…

Camping season has begun. That’s right friends, I have been on my first adventure. The awesome thing about camping at this time of year, is that no one else is. So you get solitude. And quiet. And awesome.

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How to: Make Reflectix Window Coverings for Truck Camping

So I am all about getting ready to go camping right now. I have changed how I am going to camp this year a little.

Last year I used a truck tent.

It was awesome, but it limits what you can do. If I go camping with a group of people and don’t plan on leaving the spot, for sure this is the set up to go with. The tent takes some time to get figured out, or it did for me anyway…so taking it down once it’s set up wasn’t an option for me. Practice makes perfect and all that crap, but no.

And my Dad won’t let me drive with it on the back of the truck…no backwoods exploring = no fun. Boo.

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Because I barely made it through today…

The day started out normally enough, I went to the shit show work, as usual.

I needed to pick my Mom up in Sechelt and take her to the hospital for her monthly doctor visit. On my way to the hospital I was coming around a fairly sharp corner and there was a car about three lengths in front of me going the same way. As we went up the hill and we were coming around the blind corner, a car coming the other way is literally in our fucking lane, he looks up from I am assuming texting, in the nick of time swerves out of the car in front of me’s way. Nobody touched their brakes or had a heart attack, though I didn’t breath for a couple of minutes afterwards…

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