Times flies…

Apparently you wake up one day and realize you haven’t posted a damn thing for months. I have excuses. All valid. But still…

Other than camping my ass off, except for the last two weekends, because paddle boarding or the covid second shot kicking my ass down…I also have a new job.

So let’s start with that. I have been at GBS (which if you don’t know, is a hardware store in our small town) for four years now. For all of that time, until now, I have been the cashier. It’s a great job for talking to people, which was good until Covid. Because once covid hit, people just lost all kindness, understanding, or any of the good things involved in being human. When there were no customers I got to read, so that was good. But I had gotten to the point where my whole life was sad. I was bored and tired of being a punching bag for people I wasn’t even dating. And no. I wasn’t and am still not dating. That’s a whole different post.

So I talked to my boss. I told her I was going to end up either fired or in jail, possibly both if I stayed in the place I was in.

Magically, a new position was going to soon be available as one of the amazing girls that worked in pricing and purchasing was retiring after thirty years. Super magically, they offered me the position.

I didn’t say yes right away. I was terrified. Leaving my cushy place up front. Not seeing people. (I know the irony here) but still. And the job was overwhelming. A lot of responsibility and barely any time to learn what to do.

But then my warrior girl came out. Stop being a pussy and do it! When something like this falls into your path and you are too chicken to take it, you lose. So I took it.

I have many moments a day when I am sure I am in over my head. Luckily my sidekick is awesome and she is patient and calm when I am panicking that I will never be good enough. She saves my life daily.

Unfortunately some things have dropped out of my life since I have started this job. My Reiki being one. I just can’t do both things right now. I have awesome hours at work and I am off work at three thirty, but I am literally exhausted when I am done. It is hard work and I usually have my ten thousand steps in by 11 am… hopefully I will get more of a balance back once I get a better handle on things. And by that I mean more confidence that I will rock this shit.

I also don’t see as many people now, which is a blessing and sucky at the same time. I am in the back. I am on the floor when I am doing orders or stocking the shelves, which means I don’t get to flirt as much. Not that it really got me anywhere anyway. Guys don’t like to ask you out when you are working, at least I think that was the issue. Like I said…another post.

Also, last weekend my bestie Lori and I went paddle boarding. Now I am addicted to that. The place we rented from was in the marina, unfortunately the tide was really low and it was windy, so we couldn’t actually get out of the marina. We just paddled around the marina several times until the tide got too low and we couldn’t get all the way around anymore. But I was hooked. So I am just waiting for my new paddleboard to arrive, she is still looking for her perfect board, but we will be paddling the coast in no time, as soon as the no swimming ban is lifted. That’s right, we’re not allowed to swim because of the hot spell we had, that killed all of the sea life. Sucky.

Once I get a little better at actually doing everything on the board, you know like standing up and not taking a dive every time I try to look anywhere but straight ahead…there will be pictures.

So that’s the update! Life is crazy busy and I am happier than I have been since the beginning of all this covid crap. I am heading to Campbell River at the end of the month, hopefully I will get a night or two of camping in, and I will finally get to hug some of my favourite people, because I am vaccinated up baby! I hope you are all well! Leave me a comment and fill me in! Love to all ♥️♥️♥️

2 thoughts on “Times flies…

  1. Hi Donna. As I said before. I always enjoy your writing. It has a good flow and is easy to read.
    My wife and I were up at Gibson’s last week taking care of my dad and visiting her sister Lana and her husband Neil. They live in Sechelt, They have been caring for my dad for the last year doing private home support for him. With that extreme heat we had, one of the other home support workers found my dad outside of his house in his underwear and a heavy jacket. He wasn’t unconscious but he was very disoriented. They call an ambulance and took him to the hospital and treated him for dehydration. This has seriously complicated my dad’s dementia. My dad will be staying with Lana and Neil until we can get dad into long term care in Nanaimo. There are two great places here that specializes in dementia and they are both very new.
    There is a bit of humour to this. Whole staying at Lana’s place, home support is coming to their place to bath and do personal care for my dad. Also to take him for walks too. Because with my dads dementia, he is sexually aggressive. Here is the funny part. We have had to get private home support that is a male so that there is no improper touching etc. The guys name is Shack and he is a petite, very feminine guy. He also occasionally wears makeup. It has always been difficult to get dad to have a bath and wear Depends as he is incontinent at times. Apparently Shack has had no problem getting dad to bath and wear the Depends. Lana and Neil think that dad is thinking he is getting a bath by a lady because of Shack being dressed like a lady sometimes. We have had a good chuckle at this. The best thing is there has been no problems with my dad since.
    Keep up the writing as I look forwards to your next story.


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