When the flies tickle your butt…

So what does a fire loving, book reading, outdoor cooking Redneck Princess do pretty much every weekend for fun and sanity?


I have been camping every weekend since it opened. I try to stay fairly close to home, but it’s still like another Universe. I was actually sad this morning when I thought that maybe next weekend I should stay home. I mean there are real life things I should probably do. Like recycling, mowing my lawn, paying attention to my garden. Not pissing the terrorists cats off because they are locked in the house for three days…

But my truck bed is so comfy. Fire is so fun. And food is 8 million times better cooked outside. And my squirrels wouldn’t have me to chirp at. The only thing that will probably stop me is rain. Camping in the rain is boring. And dirty. And just no. I don’t mind a good shower, and I have enough tarpage to cover my whole town, but still no if I’m not already out there and set up.

Camping solo is awesome. Not that I don’t like camping with other people, I do! But I am pretty proud of the fact that I stepped out of my comfort zone and made a setup that allows me to go out alone and really enjoy my time. True I am not in the toolies camping at a deserted lake somewhere, which is what I really love to do, but at least I’m out here! One day I will have a dog, and who knows I might meet a boy who likes the backcountry camping too (it’s a prerequisite), so there’s lots of time for that.

The downside of camping in a campsite…outhouses. No matter where they are, blah. I’d literally rather pee in a bucket. Flies tickling your butt when you pee is disturbing. And people. I try to be social, I really do. But it’s just not what I’m here for. I don’t need new friends. And people are curious when a fifty something woman is camping alone for some reason. As we speak, the neighbour lady camper who is with her way too social husband and wearing a skirt whilst camping, keeps looking over to see what I’m up too. Stop it. I won’t make eye contact with you. I’m just doing my thing, nothing to see here. And put some pants on, it’s cold.

Also, the Campsite Warden as I lovingly call him, is now right up there with the ex-boyfriends who have a lot of my money, just from the firewood purchases alone. It’s a bonus that he’s hot. And of course probably married to someone else.

Also a big part of camping for me is good tunes. I have 3 Spotify playlists that kill. It’s a mystery to me how anyone does anything without good tunes playing. Singing probably also happens, until I realize I’m doing it and people may actually be able to hear me. Never good.

So I’m gonna cut this post short, because I am actually camping right now and it does indeed look like I may need a plan for my tarp on this last full day of bliss.

Happy camping or whatever…

Let me know what you are all up to this long weekend!

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