To Hell in a Hand Basket…

I don’t know about you, but in the last two months, I have noticed that the people’s grip on sanity at this point in the pandemic, is low to non-existent.

Now you may ask, why do you think that Donna? Let me give you a few examples shall I? I mean I have already written posts about some of the following stuff. And at this point I know for a fact I am repeating myself. But it’s how I deal. Blogging about it literally helps me to not tell people what I am actually thinking during the day. Somehow, it’s like having a filter, one that doesn’t fucking work at all. Never mind. So here were the issues that came up this week…

Common sense. Ya. There is none. Anywhere. I am not sure if this is because people are just done, or if they just figure what the fuck, it’s a pandemic. I can do whatever I want.

I. Don’t. Know.

Maybe it’s just that my patience for the level of stupid is lower because there is such an abundance of it.

Disrespect. It’s rampant. If people thought it was okay to be that way before, they are monsters now. Apparently some people think being a disrespectful twit is the new normal. We are literally doomed.

Bring your dogs into the store more often. We absolutely like them more than people. And we have cookies.

Okay on a repeated topic, which is not having any idea how to wear your mask. I can’t even with this one…

COME ON PEOPLE. It goes over your nose. If you come to my till and it isn’t on your nose, I’m gonna ask you to put it on right. I don’t care if you have a little 5 year old boy temper tantrum. It’s literally 5 minutes of your life. We wear them for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Man up. And seriously if your mask looks like you have dragged it behind your Tonka truck it’s time for a new one, or the laundry, whichever applies.

Also, taking your mask off, licking your fingers and then touching the money that you are going to hand to me. Please just DON’T do this. It was gross before Covid came into the picture. Really, it was. And I will sanitize the shit out of that money right in front of you, because don’t. This also goes for picking your nose. It’s disturbing, we can see you. And DON’T.

Things that are good replacements for all of the previously mentioned behaviors are these:

Slow down. Take your time wherever you go. Be present in the moment and actually pay attention to the other people that are around you.

Bring your favourite Cashier chocolate. Or flowers. Or how about, just tell them that you appreciate them and all that they are doing right now, because I guarantee you, not one of us is making enough money for what we deal with every day during this pandemic. Not one of us.

But really, bring us chocolate. Everyone that works with the public deserves that right now.

Follow directions, please? We have enough stress in a day without having to supervise you coming in the wrong door because you are too important to go around the building to the right door. The signs are huge, and right in your face. You can see them. And if I am talking directly to you and you are ignoring me because you just want to be an asshole, I’m gonna call you on that shit. I have three boys. You don’t scare me. And the rest of the world is over your behaviour.

Did I mention bring us chocolate?

Plan your day better. If you come into the store, and you are in a mad hurry, you will definitely be frustrated. Everything in this world is slower, we need to adjust to that accordingly. Plan ahead, don’t be an impatient twat. And rushing will just lead to you forgetting our chocolates.

Drink more water. I’m pretty sure that just everyone would benefit. Really. You know you aren’t drinking enough, don’t you? Looking after yourself right now is important. And it makes people nicer. One day we will get to hug each other again, we are going to need energy. That’s probably half of all the problems, people aren’t getting hugged enough. I am gonna hug the shit out of people when this is over.

Until then I will continue to vent weekly about insane shit that happens during the week. I may start writing about specific moments, there were a couple of beauties today that are a whole blog in themselves.

So chin up folks. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, really there is…chill the fuck down, enjoy spring, and remember, you never know when you are gonna be blog fodder, so be nice.

And don’t forget the chocolate.

4 thoughts on “To Hell in a Hand Basket…

  1. I can’t begin to imagine the absurd behaviours you see dealing with the general public all day. I imagine that some of the people who are irritating to deal with are dealing with stressors and don’t actually walk into GBS intending to be rude to staff. However, there are always those people who are deliberately choosing to be ignorant.

    Don’t rise to the bait. You are stronger and better than that. Model polite and civil behaviour.

    Tape a rag doll under your till desk and jab that fucker with a screwdriver while smiling and modelling civil human behaviour. When they don’t get the reaction out of you they were looking for, they will be further frustrated. That may cause them to leave the store and think about their actions.

    Plus, in addition to stabbing the fuck out of the rag doll and relieving your tension, you will gain the respect of the other customers in line.

    In my old job I had a sign in my office. When a kid was sent to see me for misbehaviour I would have him/her read it to me. It deescalated them immediately.

    “The kids who act out the most are the ones who need the most love”

    The chocolate is in the mail.


    • Hahaha, having a mask on can be gratifying as people can’t read my lips. That is a good thing. And yes compassion is necessary right now. You can immediately tell the people that are struggling. Unfortunately the people that are the most badly behaved are repeat offenders that just want to be jerks for the sake of it and the attention it gives them. I also get that, but…go to a corner and think about what a jerk your being, lol… I have reaction down to a fine art now 🙃


  2. Everyone that works with the public needs a big hug for putting all the dumb asses. Oops we are not allowed to hug these days. Looking forward to vaccines and getting close to how life was. You definitely deserve chocolate but not that cheap shit, Purdy’s dark chocolate. Any way take care and believe life will get better.


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