Hindsight is 2020…

1. When you get the worst cough and flu you have ever had January 1st, and it doesn’t totally go away until March…it might be a premonition of things to come.

2. Don’t ever rule out a Zombie Apocalypse. Just. Don’t.

3. When you feel like the world has shit on you enough for one year by the end of March, you are wrong. There’s more…

4. When you are like…hey nice mask 😷 and then you stop and think, what the fuck? How would we ever have guessed this is the state our world is in…

5. Now let’s do the good stuff, because in this shit show there should be something…when the 5 year old President of the country below you, gets thrown out on his ass and then has a big temper tantrum and won’t leave, but still has to, even if he has a fit. See ya, and I honestly think the world would have imploded had he won again. It was a November miracle.

6. Quarantine teaches you stuff. Whether you think it did or not, being locked in your house has to change you. No matter what your circumstances are.

7. Thank God I was single during quarantine.

8. We were lucky enough to have all gotten fat while quarantine was in place. That means we were warm and had enough to eat.

9. This will end eventually. We may have had to do things differently, and yes, some of it sucked balls…but it will be over one day. Hopefully before 2024.

10. Hopefully we don’t take simple things like hugging everyone we know for granted ever again. I miss hugging the most.

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