The Power Of Music

Ever since I was little, I have adored music. I grew up in a house where my Dad played music all of the time, and of course when they were having the historical 1970 benders, but that’s neither here nor there. It counts.

I can’t remember a time in my life where music hasn’t played a huge role in who I am or who I turn into after some catastrophic event took place. With me being me, there was a boy involved 95% of the time in the catastrophe. ( I was going to say as a teenager, but then it occurred to me…that really hasn’t changed much. HA!)

Growing older, I have found that music can calm me down when nothing else does. If I am stressed, crank it up and dance. Also another thing I have done since I could walk. It’s spiritual for me. I am never more myself, or more in tune with my body then when I am dancing.

If I need a good cry, there always a country tune that will take me right where I need to be. Always a breakup song that fits just right, and always a girl singing about the struggles we all have as women as a collective or of the never ending love we have for our families.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine who I was very close to at an amazing time in my life, passed away. Every time I hear a Bare Naked Ladies song…like any of them, I think of a road trip we took to Long Beach. My kids were little and honestly it was one of those trips you never forget. Not because anything super crazy happened (we were always a handful together), but because we were all so happy to be together and singing every song at the top of our lungs. Hearing those songs now, makes my heart swell with love and gratitude for those memories. And for her, her humour and our friendship.

I have so many memories attached to music, some amazing, some not so amazing, but memories just the same. Songs that remind me of the milestones, the lessons, the happiness and the people who have been part of my journey.

During this pandemic, music again has saved me. On days when it just feels never ending and exhausting, I get in my truck and crank it up. I come home and dance it off. It makes me feel normal. It makes me feel more optimistic that things will one day soon be more normal.

So crank it loud, it doesn’t matter what you are cranking as long as it touches your soul and puts a smile on your face. You will feel better. I promise. xo

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