You are not being one of the cool kids…

So Covid. Yep, we are all sick as shit of you…

Like literally every. single. person. on the face of the planet, is sick of this shit.

So what I don’t understand, is that armed with this knowledge, you can still be ignorant. You can still feel sorry for yourself and think it’s okay for you to not follow the rules. You are special right? You aren’t going to sanitize or wear a mask because you don’t want to.

Fuck the man. Don’t tell me what to do….

Well guess what? The man isn’t the asshole, you are.

How about if you suck it up for 15 minutes when you come in our store, or wow…even for half an hour, while you get groceries. This isn’t about you. It’s about us.

Who is us?

Anyone who has to be out in a public setting working with people for 8 hours a day.

WE have to wear our masks for 8 HOURS.

WE have to babysit the world right now, because no one has any common sense.

WE have people breathing and coughing and spitting on us all day long, because no one has any common sense.

WE have to answer stupid questions ALL DAY LONG, because no one has any common sense.

WE come home at night, too exhausted to even think about making dinner, looking after our families or ourselves. But yet we still have to.

WE come home some nights and cry in the shower because sloughing off the abusive customer from 10 a.m. this morning was too hard to do today.

WE do everything we can in a day to help you carry on like normal. If we don’t work, you are fucked. Remember that.

WE are brave.

WE are fucking super heroes.

We are all done with this, but the reality is that this is normal. For now.

Try to look after yourselves, so we don’t have to. Just try it. Be responsible and follow the rules, even if you think it’s dumb, humor the rest of us, just this once. It may be another year or so, so you can practice up and get really good at it before it’s over.

If you don’t want to wear a mask, order your groceries or whatever you need online or on the phone for pickup. That shows respect. It shows integrity. And you still get your way.

It’s really just being a grown up in a changing world. Change is good. Change is needed. But it isn’t always painless. What are we learning from this if we are just rebellious assholes that don’t want to conform because we don’t want to conform?

And remember, that cashier, that coffee barista, that guy that just loaded up your lumber, the nurses and doctors who are already exhausted, are working to make your life as normal as it can be right now. We are trying our hardest to be strong and friendly and helpful.


Have some patience. Have some bloody common sense. And bring us some fucking chocolate once and a while, or maybe just say thank you. Thank you for being in the middle of this shit show, and trying your hardest…

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