Covid and what you don’t know…

This isn’t a post about Covid-19 in the medical sense. It’s a post about the behind the scenes stuff. It’s about all of us working during these difficult times. Muddling through the unknown the best we can.

In the past few months it has become apparent who the people are that have no clue what it is like to have a retail job, or any job where you have to deal with the public in these days and times.

Like it wasn’t hard enough before.

Now, some days…it feels like running a kindergarten class. With a bunch of misbehaved and rebel 5 year olds that don’t give a shit about the people around them.

If you have never had a public job where you have to serve people in any capacity, you maybe need to be a little more aware that we are out there, giving you everything we have every day. I come home some days so drained that all I can do is sit on the couch and cry. It is exhausting. It is challenging. Some days it is everything I can do to just maintain, and try to stay healthy myself.

That’s the part you don’t see. That’s the part that every retail or public servant deals with every day.

So maybe before you judge us, before you are an asshole because we ask you to sanitize your hands or back up to a safe distance away, or we don’t do things the way you think we should be doing them, you should stop and think about what we deal with all day long. Think about the fact that we have families at home that we are worried about. But we step up and come out everyday so your life can be more normal.

Maybe be a little more grateful, a little more respectful and a little kinder. We are all doing the best we can through this shit show.

If you are a jerk to those of us that are working for you, it 100% says more about you than us. I try to remember that, I try to remember that not everyone deals with stress in the same way. But there is only so much I will take without calling you out on your shit. It’s time to be a grown-up. It’s time to have respect for the people around you no matter what their opinion is, or how they are dealing with the situation. All you can do is look after yourself, and understand that everyone around you is doing the best that they can with what they have. That doesn’t mean belittling people or being abusive or rude.

And if something is not the way you would like it, how about going to the people who you think are doing things the wrong way personally instead of posting on Facebook and slamming people and businesses for the job they are trying to do. Facebook has become a platform where people are just assholes behind their computer, I’m done with it. Behave like an adult, you are not the only one going through this. Be accountable for your own behaviour.

This isn’t going to be over any time soon. So let’s all come together instead of ripping each other apart. Let’s be a little more forgiving to the people who are just trying to figure it out. Let’s be thankful to everyone who tries to maintain a normalcy in times where nothing is normal at all.

Rant over.

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