A Blog Post

It’s been a long time since I have written anything. Like literally years. I have no idea how that happened. Life gets in the way, things change, projects change and oh ya. COVID-19.

It never even occurred to me when I was in lockdown to start writing again. It honestly never even occurred to me until ten minutes ago. It’s like I totally forgot about the part of me that used to HAVE to write something every day. What the actual hell is that?

I have been on a huge transformation in the last four years. I have had one more failed relationship, which I have worked through with much learning of patterns, forgiveness of my own choices, not wrong, but wrong for who I am at a soul level. I have had to learn to value my own gut feelings and figure out why I always go back to what I know instead of what I deserve.

I have spent a lot of time alone, for the first time in my life, I am happy that way. I know that focus on myself isn’t selfish. I wish I had believed that years ago. I would have made different choices, even though I am crystal clear that all of the stuff I have put myself (and the people I love) through was necessary to get to here.

I have worked hard to get my Level III(ART) Reiki training. Before Covid I was on a new path with my new business moving forward. And then the brakes were slammed on. Like all of you, life for me just stopped in it’s tracks. The Universe is giving us a big shake. I have had a bit of a time trying to find my footing again. I’m still not sure exactly which direction to go. Reiki is a hands on energy healing…that’s a good bit of a challenge right now. When I was in lock down for two months, I worked my ass off getting my shit together. I was actually so blessed to have that time at home.

Going back to work after isolation was insane. I wasn’t ready for the world. Or the anger. Or the chaos. It has been a bit of a trek trying to find a healthy happy place after dealing with the public every day. I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging, lord knows there have been some crazy assed stories that should be recorded for history…so maybe today that will change. Maybe today I have to bring this shit back. And start finding the lost bits of me that I love and miss.

I will try my hardest to put things down in a post, there is still so much to talk about. To own. To work through, and mostly to laugh about. So let’s do that. Let’s put this big shake up into perspective, because no matter what happens or gets thrown our way, we’ve got this.

And I’ve really missed you xox

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