Sometimes you just need a little momentum…

There are days when I wonder how the HELL I get everything done in the time I have in a day.

Sometimes, it is because I stay up until the wee hours of the morning, doing things I shouldn’t. Like revamping my websites. Or working on a clients site until the ungodly hour of two in the morning. That could have been last night.

Today was the mini window when I knew I had to get the lawn mowed, or it was going to be the job from hell the next time. Because it is going to rain. Again. On my days off. Bugger.

Today I got the John Deer out, and decided to mow before it was out of control. It was long, It was wet, and it was slippery in the back yard already.

So much for not having rain for the past 4 months. If you are out of water, just come to the castle. Our backyard has enough water for everyone.

It’s a little tricky mowing the back when it is wet like that. I don’t want to get stuck…this is my first thought. Bruce wasn’t home and I just don’t have the skill to figure my way out of that one.

I pray that no one is watching through the trees or the fence. Sometimes my neighbor in the back is kinda weird like that.

I am sure I make faces as I put the pedal to the metal and get the lawnmower up the baby hill, praying the whole way that I don’t dig myself into the mud that I know lurks just below the surface.

Or that I leave great big huge track marks in the grass, tracks that will linger until…probably somewhere around March next year.

It was a close one there, I am hoping that the mud will just wash away in the upcoming rains and I haven’t left permanent winter indents.

The trick is getting up your speed enough to cruise through without actually getting any traction. Traction is bad. At least with grass and mud underneath.

Speaking of momentum…I found some. In the form of Web Design. I am adoring my new class. I am excited about web design again, and I really feel like I have found a wee niche that I will fit into just fine. Need a blog or website built? Call me. Or click on the logo below to go to the site to get all the info you need. PS. I am building a new site for On the Edge. It is a work in progress. It will be fabulous.

Web design is kind of like crack to me…well except I have never done crack, so I really have no idea what that is like. But I can’t stop building them. I am taking a break tonight because I felt the need to blog.

I nearly took some pictures today too!! Holy hell…I plan on taking some of the Mustang on Friday, I love fall pictures…

I love fall, and boots and scarves. I love that I am nearly done work at the garden centre for the season and I can build websites in the daytime for the winter.

I love the fact that in nearly three weeks I will be in Whitehorse hanging out with my little brother for a week. And it’s snowing there already.

There will be pictures, glorious pictures. And laughing. And the Wee Prince. That kid is gonna hug me. Whether he likes it or not. And I will see my friend Deb. For the biggest hug ever. And Jen, and baby Jack. All things I love.

Life feels like a fabulous whirlwind right now, full of excitement, and learning and good things to come. As long as I survive the flight up and back from Whitehorse. I am a bad flyer. I guess maybe I should stop watching Mayday on TV for a few weeks. It’s not helping with the bad flying thing. At all.

Happy Fall my friends xox

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