A love unknown…

I wait for the call


For you to tell me the news

I have been waiting to hear

for what seems like an eternity

that finally

we will have a new baby

to love

to hold

to kiss

to cherish

I am so happy for you both

and my love for you overwhelms me

I am proud as any sister has ever been

to have you for my brother

and to welcome the woman you love

and now your new little baby

into our crazy family

there is never a shortage of love

or laughter

you are adding to our joy

so much more than you know

I love you Jimmy

and I love you too Jen

and in a day or two

your new baby will be here

and your lives will change forever

in ways you could never imagine

you are bringing into the world

joy like you have never known…

I am so, so lucky to be part of you and your world

my heart overflows


17 thoughts on “A love unknown…

  1. Thank you Donna, very nicely written. We are laying here in bed, the 3 of us, after a really great first full day at home.
    It’s so nice to have such great enthusiastic family all around us.
    I can’t believe you are such a poet, your honesty is wonderful, that’s what makes art real. It’s so Great to see the huge collection of writings and works you have put together here. Keep it going, most people never bust through that wall, I’m proud of your courage and dedication to this, It means something in a hard to define way, but one of the most important ways.


  2. What beautiful words for your brother and his partner. I’m sure they feel the same way about you too Donna.
    This little baby is going to be showered with love and affection for sure.


  3. Awwww, this post brought happy tears to my eyes! Beautiful words for your brother, s-i-l and new little blue bundle. I’m such a sentimental blubbering sap. ;)

    Congrats Auntie :)


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