The Castle Slideshow…

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There are days…

Like today, when everything falls into place, when shit gets done, and things look amazing around here.

I begin to wonder…

Why did I want to move from here again?

I mean I know all the reasons why, better than anyone.

But look around…

It’s kinda paradise now, isn’t it?


20 thoughts on “The Castle Slideshow…

  1. that looks like a great place to read a book…or in my case, have the kids practice goal kicks into net or a little baseball “pop fly” catching practice. :)

    We have no yard (condo) and so we always have to pack up and go to the park. I’d love the kids to just go down stairs and play. jealous of your place, and kinda surpised no one has been to your open house!

    Lake Forest, CA USA
    **Down 10lbs in 2 weeks/week 3 going great! Weigh in on Monday! :)

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