The thing about Thursdays…

Is sometimes, I just have nothing. Today was a totally eventful day, I got tons done. I went and looked at a house in the very cool subdivision (that I want to live in one day)  The lady that owns the house,  her name is Christine. We met where I work, and she has just decided to sell and move down Island closer to her kids. She has a sweet house, the yard is way bigger than my original pick of  house number 38…interesting…

After that I flew to the second hand store and found THE CUTEST LITTLE wooden microwave tray ever…for $12. Not kidding. Gotta love a good deal.

It’s funny though, I find that table now, and I have been looking for one since I moved in here, go figure.

I also got the huge stump Cherry tree cut down today, I had talked to a guy from work that said he would do it, but Kenny said he would do it for free, and I could have all the wood :) I had made a deal with the guy from work that I would give him the wood, or most of it. I like Kenny’s deal better :) I will buy him beer…We have been friends for years now, he was my real estate agent the last time I tried to sell the Castle, and recommended Anita to me :)

The piece of wood in his hand, is my next DIY project…there will be a future post about that :) I left the trunk there, I am going to move the old fashioned chair over there and set it up as a sitting area, pics to follow :)

While he was visiting after the tree chopping, we got talking about what I would do if I stayed here, I have always hated the huge ugly cedar type tree in the very front. I want it gone, he said he would come back tomorrow night and chop it down…SWEET!!! I have always wanted to plant a Leylandii hedge out the front, now I will be able to do it. It will cost me under $100 and it will be awesome for the future, whether it is me here or someone else, they can figure out what to do with the fence when the hedge is big, it would definitely buffer the noise from the highway if I did that.

So I should go to bed, I have a big day of cleaning up tomorrow and I want to get the area ready for my first load of delivered wood to come, I feel fall coming on and the nesting is starting…I love fall :) I will post more pics tomorrow!!

Happy Thursday all!!


13 thoughts on “The thing about Thursdays…

  1. Being a wood turner, i would have loved to get a look at that stump. Deep down, past where the wood had checked and shrunk is perfect necter of the gods of making round things. Deep goblets, bowls, platters,.

    In these parts I always keep my eyes open for mesquite logs, which while considered a weed tree are worth more than most any wood since they are gnarly and rarely straight.


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