Cutest. Thing. Ever. Part 4.

I think I caused a catastrophe…just after taking this picture (can you see the fear in their little eyes?) I decided to try and move the house just a tiny bit…

THE BABIES FLEW OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Were they flying already or did I just force fly them out??

OMG…I am the worst birdie Granny EVER.

I have gone out and checked and the Mom is chirping away in the yard, but the babies are nowhere near. I am going to pretend they are flying around, that I didn’t force them out and they already were, but right now I just have a damn empty nest…

I feel so empty inside…



9 thoughts on “Cutest. Thing. Ever. Part 4.

  1. Don’t worry, Princess… if they weren’t ready to leave, they would have just cowered down in the nest. I have some wildlife news of my own… one of the skunks that drops by nightly now comes when I call it! A few peanuts go a long way!

  2. Sometimes it is always best to leave well alone..even with the best of intentions.

    I do hope that Mother Bird will find her babies again!

  3. ooooh. How cute! I remember witnessing a humming bird busy making it’s nest right in front of my desk, with just glass separating us. I saw 2 eggs hatch, and little teeny things and watched feedings all unbeknowst to the birds. Eventually, I saw one fly off and shortly thereafter, the other couldn’t be out done, so he/she too flew off…SO FAST. No practice runs. Why couldn’t “learning to walk” be like that?

    Lake Forest, CA USA

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