Super Sexy Sunday aborted…

I have decided it is time for something new. I am changing up the blog a bit recently, and I think it is time for this to go.

I am not sure why I am done with it. Maybe a little bored, maybe too much of a tomboy, maybe just too damn much work to think of something to be sexy about once a week.

Whatever the reason, I am moving on. I will put something fabulous in place of SSS, something helpful, useful, probably crafty or DYI ish…or maybe something that will include all of the above at certain points.

It will be a surprise.

It will probably be next week, but I can’t guarantee it :) Next week Hannah is coming to stay with me. Tuesday I have more tat work  done, Wed and Thursday will be hanging out with Bill and Hannah, and Friday we head down Island to Sunfest to see Travis Tritt and Aaron Pritchett!!!! Whoot!!!

We are gonna have fun and you KNOW there will be pictures…

So thanks for showing up for Super Sexy Sunday…sorry it’s over, but I am totally over it man…

Trust me, the next thing will be more fun.

And informative.

I have ideas.

A vision if you will…

Stay tuned for more…

and even without the post, have a Super Sexy Sunday my friends xoxoxo


13 thoughts on “Super Sexy Sunday aborted…

  1. What about “Sunday Dinner”, a recipe of the week? Anyone as good as you are with a hammer and spackle (not at the same time, of course) has GOT to be great in the kitchen!

  2. I tried thinking of different ideas for SSS when you asked, but everything I thought of you had already done! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Definitely like the sounds of DIYish stuff :)

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