Arg Maties…

I have an eyepatch.

It sucks.

I was mowing my lawn last night, and for some reason, I  forgot to take my contact lenses out, like I usually do. Of course there was wind. After all it is always windy here. There was a gust of wind while I was cornering, and bam…in my eye it went. Now at the time, it seemed minor, I carried on like the grass mowing trooper that I am.

I came in and took my lenses out and it was like fire in my eye. Like I was in agony. WHAT. THE. HELL.

Of course it feels like there is something in my eye, embedded into my eyelid and torturing me every single time I blink.

I have renewing eye drops..awesome. I use about half a bottle thinking I can wash whatever has taken over my eye socket OUT.

Well I might have, but the aftermath of whatever went on in there was insane.

I went to bed early, just so I could close my eyes.

I went to bed fairly optimistic that I would wake up in the morning and it will have all been a big old nightmare.

It wasn’t.

It didn’t hurt nearly as much this morning as it did last night, but it still felt like there was a foreign object embedded into my face.

I worked all day. I sucked it up. I only whined a little bit.

I hate being a whiner. And THEN I got a freaking bark mulch sliver in my damn finger. That took my mind off of my eye for a while.

I got off work and went straight to the walk in clinic. Thank goodness there was one open today, as it is a holiday here.

BC Day!! We have our own holiday for being awesome, cool huh?

So I go to the doc and get in right away, no waiting at all. Nice. There wasn’t even anyone else there!!

He looks in my eye and says he doesn’t see anything, so he freezes it and then puts some crazy ass dye in it. He says there is a scratch on my cornea but it is not very deep. Thank god.

He the tells me that he is going to put a patch on my eye, and I should keep it on for a couple of days. Well I work tomorrow, and there is not a chance in hell I can or will do it with this on my face:

I have zero depth perception.

I drove home.


I said to the doc before I left (who by the way is a regular customer at the garden centre) that I was driving home, good thing I lived close huh? He said I would need to be very careful. Ha. That is an understatement. It is hard to gauge anything with half of your vision gone. He was probably just glad he was off the streets safe in his clinic.

So here I blog with one eye. Luckily I don’t have to look at the keys when I type.

I would be screwed.

But I think this is enough computer for me for the night, I have to go rest. I might watch a movie with my eyes closed.

At least the lawn is mowed and the yard is beautiful. I made french onion soup hooptickle soup if you are a redneck for dinner, it is a good thing I didn’t try for anything more complicated. It was touch and go.

So here is to a less annoying Tuesday…later pirates.


28 thoughts on “Arg Maties…

  1. I’m having problem with right eye since 15th July. hospitals, therapy, every day… no one knows why yet, something with nerve inside, but I almost lost sight in right eye. it’s better now than 2 weeks ago, but still not good.

    I hope you’ll be fine soon.

  2. Is Johnny Depp planning a new movie, Pirates of the Coquitlam? If so, you’re in!

    By the way, we here in Ontario we had a day off Monday to honour small sensible Japanese cars… it’s Called Civic Holiday.

  3. Ouch! It is amazing how bad a scratch so small you can’t see can hurt, but that’s exactly what happens with the eyes! One of the past injuries I remember the most is a scratched cornea in my teenage years. Hope it heals quickly!

  4. It is awful, and so painful when an eye is hurt! I hurt my eye years ago and I think there must be a scar or something, because even now when I rub my eye in a wrong way it hurts again! I hope you get better soon. Rest your eye a lot, even when the patch comes off.

  5. Ouch! That sounds very uncomfortable!
    With all the grass I’ve cut I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to me (I have had a few foreign objects hit my eyelid, though… and that was enough to freak me out a bit). I sure hope things heal up as soon as possible, RNP!

  6. When I had diabetes, it affected my eyes. Since losing a lot of weight I am only borderline diabetic now, but I still have eye problems. Next Monday i have yet another eye surgery, and I have had enough lazer treatments now to make one eye less than half sighted and the other is only 25% sighted. Its the worse eye getting cut on. I have issues at night so naturally I drive in at 6am, so its dark mainly. So while you have a patch and drive half blind, i am half blind but hey, thats why they have concrete barricades. Yeah, I have to wear a patch every so often and hate it. It seems to happen a lot when we go camping and I am always walking into crap, trees, rocks, low hanging limbs. So I take it off and squint more. LOL

  7. Aw, that sucks about the eye patch!

    About 15 years ago, when I first moved in my current place, I had a couple big houseplants- one had pink and green, very STIFF, POINTY long leaves. While bending over to move it one day, one of those points jabbed me right in the eyeball! My eye watered for days. I went to the Dr., who suggested an eye guy, to check for a scraped cornea, but I had no insurance. To this day, that eye still dries out and the lid gets kinda sticky. Something bad happened there, that’s for sure! SO, it’s a good thing you went and had it looked at. Hope you are planning to take the day off from work, rather than remove the eye patch. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

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