Look at what we can do!!!!!

Before we get to the story…you have to watch this video. It is freaking hilarious. We used to watch Mad TV all the time when we were teenagers…

Today we got amazing things done. William and Hannah are here for our weekend (which is Wednesday and Thursday)and today we absolutely kicked butt. We installed new windows. Well William did. I helped a little. I had a totally broken piece of glass by the front door that has been like that since I moved in, the old people had siliconed it so it was stuck in, can you say fugly? It drove me nuts forever, and I just never got it fixed, I think mostly because there was so much other stuff to do. Today we not only fixed the broken one, we took the one below that no longer matched out and changed it too. It looks amazing!!!

I also had a broken window in the garage, like broken so bad there was a piece missing and I had cardboard in the hole. Ugly…yep. William fixed that too!!

I then vacuumed all the nasty cobwebs and spiders out of the garage and painted a dresser…that post will follow :)

So folks…that is it!!! Everything I ever wanted to fix is done. The house is looking marvelous and tomorrow I go and relist one more time, hopefully this time is the charm for me :) Also while I am signing the papers, we will be at the hopefully to one day be my new house!! I am taking William to check it out, as last time I never got to go inside :) I will take pictures…

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!


15 thoughts on “Look at what we can do!!!!!

  1. Glad you all had a great time. Yes he’s a great fixer. I have him signed on as my second husband as my first is quite useless, right William. LOL
    Well, we’ll take care of him tomorrow and feed him up right. So sorry we can’t have you as well, enjoy your long weekend. Look forward to seeing you, well when we see you.


    • Hehehehehe…that is hilarious, poor Larry we do pick on him don’t we? I wish I could be there too my friend :) Have a fabulous time, and give Larry a big squishy hug for me, and one for you too of course :) xoxox

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