The next chapter…

Today when I was mowing my lawn, something hit me that has never occurred to me before.

I am proud of myself.

I have had many learning experiences in all aspects of my life since I have moved into this house. I have overcome them all. With what I think are brilliant results.

I have turned a broken, not totally functioning house, into someone’s perfect home. Everything works, looks great and feels comfortable.


I have built cupboards, layed flooring, painted a thousand different things inside and out…I even built the kitchen windowsill…all by myself, with no help or supervision of any kind…and it is really nice!!!!

As I drove around the yard mowing, through the girlie tears that were trying to sweat from my eyes, I looked around at all I had done.

The trees I lovingly planted, the food I eat every day, the lawn I keep beautiful.


I feel like am not grateful enough on a day to day basis for all that I have, or the fact I am lucky enough to be able to maintain it.

Today I truly am grateful.

99% of the people in this world, will never be lucky enough to live in a house like this, with a yard this great.

To grow their own food…to be woken up by a bear on the porch, or be annoyed by a deer eating their flowers.

How this single mom with two teenage boys pulled it off, is way beyond me…

It really boggles my mind.

Why the Universe picked me for the job, I haven’t a clue, but I am sure glad it did.

I have proven to myself over and over again, sometimes after getting up off the ground from crying for an hour mind you, but still…I now know, I can do it, I can look after myself and my family. Mostly because I had no choice, but alot because I KNEW I could do it.

I  can fix things, I can paint, I can build, I can grow…I can survive and thrive.

Making a house a home, is something I love to do, and I have done that here…even though I have had to buck the tide the entire way. I have said over and over again that it was a mistake to buy this house.

I was wrong.

It was invaluable for me to buy this house. The second I walked in the front door of this place, way before I really knew it would be mine for sure, I felt like I was home.

I still do.

But now, it is time for me to move on, my work here is nearly done. I have a couple of little jobs to finish off, and then I will be ready for my next big adventure.

I will move on more grateful, with no regrets, remorse or negativity.

It is time for this chapter to end and a new one to begin…

To be continued…


19 thoughts on “The next chapter…

  1. To make a house a home is a very, very difficult job and not everybody can do it. And you are GREAT and AMAZING. Awesome. Be proud of yourself and all those around you should be proud of you too!!!

  2. You have every right to be proud. You’ve done so very well. I can’t do half of the things you do, I wish I could, but then no regrets that I can’t either.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next place!

  3. Wow! It’s still for sale? If I hit the lotto tonight I’ll be asking you for some detailed info. You’ve done some amazing things with that house and you really should be proud. I replaced a toilet, which was a simple plug-and-play project even for a non-handiman like myself, and I strutted around for weeks like I brokered peace in the Middle East. Beyond the renovations, your story is even more inspiring.

  4. You should be very proud! Your house and yard look amazing…doing anything like these projects, and doing them solo, is a great accomplishment. Does “to be continued” mean you are thinking of moving? I am not sure I could after doing all that work. xxBliss

  5. Those are real achievements! I would like to think I “could” do some of those things but I’d be lost pretty soon! I’m sure you should have some kind of TV show or a book about your ethos and outlook on life, you never cease to amaze me with your humour and passion for life!

  6. Oh that is wonderful and so sad! How can you leave a home that you love so much? I can see that your new home is very nice( you have not shown us inside yet) and I am sure that you will be very happy, but the pull of the old house must be very painful.
    I am sad and happy for you…let us hope that the people moving into your old house will value it as much as you do.

    You have done well gal! No doubt of that! Up ,up and away to pastures new…………………………

    • I do love my house, but I have made it a home for the next people, and it really is a little much for me to handle, and too big for us now, so on I go!! I don’t have any pics of the inside of the new place yet :) When I do I will post them though!!

  7. Now let’s sell this puppy and buy that nice new one you were showing off the other day.
    To new beginnings!

    I thought about starting my own blog today after driving to the airport in rush hour traffic with construction every 10 minutes- I would call it the Mentalpausal Crazy Woman – todays topic – people who need to remember how to drive. Not text, do their make-up, shave, talk on the phone, pick their noses and who the hell knows what else, JUST drive. Pay attention, when you pull in front of someone do the Frickin’ speed limit don’t slow down and look at yourself in the mirror do that at the bathroom when you get to work. I don’t give a lick what you look like, I don’t want to date you and I’m sure the guy next to me doesn’t either so put the pedal to the medal sister and DRIVE! I even lectured my niece about being a girl driver when she grows up, she’s eleven. I told her if she did any of the above mentioned things, even thought about puting make up on in the car or curling her hair I would hunt her down and slash her tires. She looked at me with terror in her eyes and agreed that she would drive defensivley and safely.

    Whoops sorry, this is your blog not mine, just my little rant for today. Hugs.


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