The future looks awesome…

Here is what I have to look forward to, I am sooo freaking lucky :)

  • First event in August…getting my tattoo added to…more flowers, touchup of the dragonflies and some greenery to be added…pictures will follow.

Then the weekend after that…

  • Tickets bought…tonight!!!

Travis Tritt will be there, I have loved him forever, even longer than Keith…

I am bypassing my big carshow to go to this concert :) and am taking my trusty sidekick Hannah with me. No boys allowed. It will be a day trip we will always remember :)

  • I then have total faith that my house will be sold by then, here is a picture of my new house…

Well it’s not mine yet, but it’s gonna be :) You just wait and see…

At the beginning of September…

  • We are gonna have a baby…

Well not me, but my brother…I am FINALLY after 46 years of waiting, gonna be an Aunty…here are the parents, my lovely brother Jim and his beautiful lady Jen…did I mention ever that I love them both to pieces ??? Cause if I didn’t …I do.


  • The concert Hannah and Fay and I have been waiting for, for oh, about 5 months now…

Now I am not gonna tell you that I am excited, I am pretty sure that by now you get that, right?

I will be done work by then and I really need to start figuring out what I am going to do for winter this year, of course I will be getting settled in my new house, and sometime in October I am flying up to Whitehorse for a visit with Jim, Jen and the new wee princess (predictions are it will be a girl, cause it is gonna suck when I call a little boy my wee princess isn’t it?)

Whitehorse in the fall will be awesome, I am really looking forward to it !!!

I am gonna Shoddy my house for Christmas this year too, I better tell everyone now, so everyone can start getting ready for it. My family takes months to get organized for Christmas…and this year we have a baby :) Yay…

I will keep you updated on the house, we are now Vendor motivated, bring us an offer… :) I love my real estate agent, hey…check her out here :)

Wanna buy a house?

It’s beautiful, spacious, and totally awesome :)

Happy Thursday kids :) xoxo

29 thoughts on “The future looks awesome…

  1. You are not kidding either, it does indeed look awesome,
    it also looks wicked and brill too… So, a little gem on the
    way, this is very nice news, and with everything else on
    go,go,go there’s lots to be looking forward to…

    By the way I rather like your car, excellently maintained
    and ready for a spin… No, not me I know you never let
    anyone drive it, well other than your father I think I read
    in a previous blog of yours? But it is still a ghoulishly fine
    example my friend and a credit to you… So you are a
    Keith Urban fan are you well I am not really into Country
    and Western but everyone to their own and I am sure that
    you will love that concert, also a Travis follower, well a
    band all the way from Scotland must be having quite an
    effect on you especially if you are missing out on your
    Big Car Show… I have been reading on here that you do
    all your own work on that gleaming machine of yours?

    Okay time for me to bring my comment to a close before
    I outstay my welcome. Do have an excellent rest of day
    and equally a wickedly fine evening too… I have added
    you to my Space, the gates are slightly ajar for now as I
    don’t often open them… Be well now Redneck Princess



  2. Fun times ahead. Not a country music kinda a gal myself however I know you guys will have a rockin’ good time. Love your new digs. I have a perfect house warming gift for you sunny front window. X’ng my fingers for you.
    You might have to change your wordage to the wee prince, you have a 50/50 chance.
    My new grandson is home today. I can’t wait for my daugther to phone to say they made it home safely. She has been calling me collect from Russia for a week, I’m afraid to see my phone bill. They will be here in August I’m so excited. I get to be a Amma for a second time. I’m sending a suitcase of I poo in blue diapers to her with my sister in law who is going to see her son graduate from boot camp next week. Also the clothes I bought at Janie and Jacks the weekend I went to Seattle to pick of Will on his Epic Ride for Cancer. My friend Sandra watched me purchase with her chin on the floor, I don’t think she’d seen anyone buy kids clothes like that since the shoe sale at Army Navy.
    I’m knitting purple hats for the Purple Crying Period, that could take up a few of your spare minutes, they need to be delivered to the hospital by mid October. Just a little suggestion for ya. In between baking, making stuff for your baby, and whatever other fun stuff you can get into. Hugs.


  3. Wow! Travis AND Keith!!!! Wow! and all the rest, too, looks like you are headed for exciting times. And about being an aunt? NOTHING beats it (except being a grandma :) ) I look forward to reading about all the goings on, and seeing the pics, tatoos and all! May your house sell quickly! May you get the asking price (or very close to it), and may you be in your new digs (love it) SOON!!!!

    Thanks for a great, uplifting, fun post! What a way to start the day :D


  4. Oh you lucky lucky many wonderful things going on in your wonder you are in a whirl… Sorry to say that I have never heard of Travis Twitt (do not black-list me) but he looks kinda ok.
    I will google and find out

    Have fun RNP love from the uninitiated P


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