Super Sexy Sunday…

This week it’s about feeling beautiful all the time!!

Well I know we can’t always feel hot, but there are a lot of times when you can, even though you wouldn’t think you are.

I work in a job that is always dirty. Some days from the first five minutes of starting my shift. It is hard to feel sexy when you are covered in dirt and sometimes mud.

So here are my ten tips of the week to at least help a girl feel good about herself, no matter what your work situation is.

1. Smell good. Even when you are dirty, people will notice you smell great!!

2. Always wear makeup, it really does change how you feel.

3. Do your hair, it doesn’t matter if you are going to look a mess by noon…do it anyways.

4. Wear clothes that fit you and look good on you.

5. Smile.

6. Be confident, nothing, absolutely nothing is sexier…

7. Make eye contact, listen to people when they talk to you.

8. Get enough sleep at night, no one is hot when they are tired.

9. Be happy. Genuinely.

10. Live your life to the fullest, and make sure you LAUGH!!!

Have a super day my friends xoxo

12 thoughts on “Super Sexy Sunday…

  1. You are so right with #2. I don’t think I am that. I have low self esteem. But when I get my lazy butt up to put on some makeup I think I look great and feel great. My husband loves when I feel that way about myself. :0)


  2. You are such an inspiration! Smell good–fix your hair–wear makeup–sleep–smile!!!! I love your “Sexy Sunday” posts. They always remind me to be a woman–even when doing laundry, digging in the garden, running errands, moving, whatever! Thank you.


  3. Hey RNP
    Good post because I don’t feel beautiful right now I feel like pooh and need to take myself inhand
    I look at myself in the mirror – I am fat
    My clothes are a size to small
    My hair looks like a haystack
    My fingernails are half chewed


  4. Smelling good is most important…
    When I am out shopping etc if I smell a really enticing perfume, I sniff along behind.. Nine times out of ten I will tell the wearer ‘you smell nice’ Man or woman makes no difference!
    It is important to know that people appreciate what you try to do.
    I have also complimented an unknown person on their choice of clothes.

    I really enjoy complimenting people when they give me pleasure….my hubby thinks that I am bonkers!!!


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