Just totally cool…

I had a great second hand store day on Wednesday.

Actually I just had a great day all the way around.

First, I slept in until about 9:30… the night before that, my oldest spawn came home about 1:30 am and I was still awake watching tv.  He came upstairs and jumped on the bed, settling in to have a chat with me.

We both have our issues with the other sex on a fairly regular basis, and at one point he thanked me, fairly sarcastically for giving him the trait of being too picky with his women. I explained it might not be too picky…but too passionate before you think…two totally different things, no?

He is a really great kid though, he lives life full out and gives it his all, I am proud of him, and of me…I did pretty good with him. I am totally taking all the credit here. I deserve it.

He gives great hugs too, like a chiropractor hug kinda thing. When he hugs me, I don’t have to go to the Chiropractor for weeks, I mentioned last night in our heart to heart middle of the night chat, that he might want to check into being a massage therapist or a chiropractor. He would kick ass at it…

So back to my day, after I lollygagged myself out of bed, and chugged a coffee, I got ready to head out for coffee with my Real Estate Agent, Anita.

I decided, maybe… it should be a Mustang day. Good choice.

My car rocks and rolls and growls…

I felt sexy, and confident and happy.

I am making changes in my life. For the good.

Changes that are taking courage, and thought and incentive from inside of myself.

Today I started to put those changes into action.

We had a good meeting, we talked about everything, life…love and real estate :)

We made no big changes with the house, I had a few things that I wanted her to update, and she gave me some good information about maybe finding a student to rent my room downstairs, as well as some info on renting here. It is expensive. Like more than my mortgage is now. So we talked about me buying again.

I really wasn’t going to buy. I want to move from here in two years when Colton is done school, but seriously…if I buy a townhouse or condo, my mortgage payment WITH the strata fee is going to be HALF of the mortgage I pay now. That is totally doable for me. It would help me move ahead in my life. I have learned in the last few years, that I have to take my time and plan my life farther ahead than next week. I have always lived like that and now it is just time for me to slow down and really think before I make a move. So now, I am weighing ALL the options.

I am actually pretty excited about it…I don’t mind moving at all, and it is time to move onto the next adventure that will start with me selling this place and moving on to something more reasonable for us right now.

After coffee, I drove to my Tat shop…you see, I am still not totally in love with my dragonflies…so I went in to see what we could do to make them perfect. Kat pulled through as she always does. She took pics of my tats as they are now, and printed them off, she told me to go home and doodle on them exactly what I want. The colors will totally work that are already on there, we just need some lines to define it all. I made and appointment for August 9th to get them finished up, and to get more flowers added around them. So now I need to find some amazing purple flowers for him to add. Suggestions?

After I left there, I decided to go for a cruise.

Off I went to Willow point, on the way I drove past the new condo :) and went to say hi to my friend Chris, we had a great visit, and I then headed back to my end of town, the weather looked like it might not last, and I needed to mow my lawn.


On the way home, I got sidetracked, by the Fabricland store…and then the thrift store.

I found some amazing fabric to make something for my girl Hannah’s birthday next week, I can’t post it here, cause she might read this and know what it was. So you will all just have to wait and see what I come up with :)

And the Salvation Army rocked today…well not really. They were playing Elvis, like the really religious Elvis…the music in there is always a little much for me, so today it was ok. I mean you have to love Elvis, no matter what he is singing right?

And. I. Scored.

I found the most AMAZING purse. I have been looking for a purse like this for MONTHS. Today was the day.

LOVE IT…and $4.

I also found a skort for work :) I know, but really they are the best when it is 95 degrees and you want to die…

A super cute t-shirt tank, that I am of course going to copy and sew…

And a really cool pair of green capri’s…

Oh, and last week, I busted one of my very favorite glass mugs. Today there was one that was even COOLER, just sitting on the shelf, begging to come and live with me. It does now, I will have coffee in it very soon…like today.

I spent a total of $25 between the second hand and Fabricland…go me!!!

I then really did come home and mow my lawn, my yard looks pretty damn amazing when it is done right, it is all ready for the new folks :) they could come by tomorrow.

After I was done, I text messaged my bestie Phyllis and said “hussy, you need to have a drink with me.”

She “lol’ed” me and agreed to call me after work. She came over and we had a really good visit, and a refreshing Cranberry and Vodka…I love summer time. We sat on the back porch and enjoyed ourselves, my little dog and crazy cat were chasing each other madly around the yard while we talked…

It was a good day, and now, it is almost one in the morning, and I need to get to bed, I have to paint my railing on the front porch tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

Have a great day my friends xoxo


11 thoughts on “Just totally cool…

  1. my dear this day sounds fabulous!!! Nothing beats landing good finds at a thrift shop…oh you should see some of the unique frames I got for my crafty stuff!! C.o.o.l.!! A cranberry and vodka sounds absolutely delish…. except that it is 9:00 AM so perhaps I should wait a little while :)

  2. Sound like you had a fantastic day – taking the mustang out, getting good bargains on your purchases and then finishing it off with a cranberry and vodka with your bestie – A Perfect Day!
    btw – I love the new purse (and the price)!

  3. Any day for me is a good day when I can thrift, because I’m a thrift whore. Funny, I copy images of things I want off Ebay or online stores, then look for similar things in the thrift stores. Works like a charm most of the time. I’m glad you had a great day. Vodka and Cranberry is the yummiest when it’s warm!

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