Favorite Tunes Friday…

Sheryl Crow…what do I even need to say…love this song, because of the Mustang?? Ya. that too…

12 thoughts on “Favorite Tunes Friday…

  1. I love Sheryl Crowe. I have all her abulms and Bill has taken me to see her twice! We saw her at Universal Amphitheater, which is near Universal Studios and a small venue, it’s probably the best indoor venue to see a concert…it’s now been renamed to the Gibson Amphitheater. (funny)

    We have great summer concerts at the Verizon outdoor Amphitheater, which is literally down the street from us. I’m telling you, you and Bill need to come visit us during the summer and we’ll check out one of the summer series. Or come during the fall! JACK FM has their annual Jack Fest there- several old bands- we saw Joan jett and ZZ top, Billy Idol, Blondie, Heart, Missing Persons, B52’s, Devo, Stray Cats etc! There are about 8-10 bands. Always a flashback!

    Lake Forest, CA USA


  2. Love Sheryl. The Mister is a fan, too, mostly because he went to high school with her in rural MO. As he puts it “She’s always been that hot”… and my feelings aren’t even hurt about it :)


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