Ask and ye shall receive…

You’re limiting yourself now, Capricorn. There’s some goal you aspire to – or at least there’s something you’re dreaming about that you’d like to manifest in your life. But you think of it as pie in the sky, and not truly attainable. That’s because you’ve conditioned yourself – or circumstances in your life have conditioned you – to believe it is not possible. But you’re holding yourself back with your antiquated belief. You can achieve what you’re hoping for, but you have to believe in yourself. Make a plan and take a practical approach, but also begin to visualize and meditate on your goal. It may not happen overnight, but you can make magic happen if you persevere.

So there you go…

8 thoughts on “Ask and ye shall receive…

  1. Awwww man, I wanted to use all your stuff and pass it off as my own…oh well I better find another person to prey on. Hehehe :0) Oh I too do like to read my horoscope even though most of the time it is obviously not talking to me…hehe :0)


  2. Love to read my horoscope…sometimes they are obvious and relating, but sometimes they aren’t. Hopefully you can attain what the fates think you’re after!


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