Where I spend my days…

When I was in Victoria, Sandi and I were talking about where I work, and she said that she couldn’t envision it…

“Why don’t you blog about where you work??” she said.

So this blog post is for her, so now she will know what I mean, and so will all of you!!

This was my favorite picture of the day, maybe of all time, isn’t it just AMAZING??? And  it smells spectacular!!!!

Here is Campbell River Garden Centre in full bloom and totally beautiful, a perfect opportunity for some amazing shots…

So without further ado…here is where I work.

We are getting a whole new look on our website soon too, so I will let you know when it is updated :)

Enjoy the pics…

33 thoughts on “Where I spend my days…

  1. I can’t believe I’ve never considered your job as a line of work before. Those pics make it look like the perfect place to spend ones days. See how fortunate you are! You truly have more things than you might think to be thankful for. A job surrounded by flowers and plants, freedom, your own home to do with as you wish, and….your kids are old enough you don’t have to sit home with them 24/7. I think your life rocks girl!

  2. You are so lucky to work in such a beautiful setting – no wonder you love your work! It must be a pleasure to go there every day. The photos are great.

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