Level of responsibility…zero

  • People in my house requiring my attention ~ zero
  • Animals getting any attention from me ~ zero
  • Dinner ~ Dairy Milk Mint Chocolate, oh ya (I stood out in the garden and ate some fresh peas and arugula too,  just so you know I am not totally irresponsible with my health…)

  • Ceasers consumed so far ~ two
  • Guilt for consumed Ceasers ~ zero (there is juice in there right?)
  • Plants planted tonight ~ three

  • Planters moved around ~ three
  • Way too long of a shower, that was way too hot ~ yes
  • Chance that I will spend the whole night sewing and not accomplishing anything else ~ 100%

  • While I am sewing, I will be watching 8 episodes of The Young and Restless ~ absolutely
  • Pride in the shirt I made last night ~ following into today…yes

  • Chance that Tuesday is my Friday (even though I just had 6 days off) ~ 100%
  • Life is good ~ ya baby, it is.

***Disclaimer: This post in no way insinuates that I don’t love my family or them being here… :)


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