It’s all fun and games until you get hit in the head with a butterfly…

It started out as a normal day mowing.

For about 5 minutes.

What the hell is with me and killing small flying things this week?

I hit a bird on the way to Victoria when we went. I killed it dead. I was sad, it didn’t deserve to die, especially from the grill of my Dodge.

I don’t think I killed the butterfly with my forehead, but we were both a little bit wobbly after the hit.

And then…

A while later, when I was push mowing the boulevard (which was about 200 feet from the initial wipe out)…

I found this…

I nearly ran it over. I don’t know if this is the same butterfly or not…I don’t think I could have caused that much damage with my head…and when I picked it up…

It was still alive…missing part of a wing, yes…but alive. I put it back in the grass, I am nearly sure some kind of bird has made it supper by now, but I didn’t know what else to do with it. I apologized as I walked away to let nature take it’s sometimes relentless course.

I then carried on mowing my lawn. Now I like mowing my lawn, today it was bad, I haven’t mowed it for over a week due to the rain. It looks like crap even finished, due to the excess of mulch laying everywhere, but I digress. As I was mowing the boulevard and still getting over the near demise of the flutterbye…I nearly step in dog crap…not once…three times.

Now I am the first to admit that I am not perfect, but I at least have respect for other people’s yards, and enough sense that if my tiny little dog craps on your boulevard, I will clean it up.

Apparently, I am alone in that.

So here is a notice to all the people who are walking by my house and letting their huge dogs shit on my grass and not picking it up.

  1. If I catch your dog crapping and you not picking it up…you WILL come back and get it. I will provided the bag if I have to, but you are taking it home with you.
  2. If you DON’T take it with you, I will follow you home, and deposit your shit in your mailbox or your shoe, which ever is more accessible at the time.
  3. If I see your dog crapping on my neighbours lawn, see numbers 1 and 2.

Seriously, there is no excuse for not picking up after your dog, in the country or the city. I do NOT want it on my grass, as I am sure you wouldn’t either.

ESPECIALLY…after I have possibly just shortened the life of a poor innocent butterfly.

How much shit is one person supposed to handle in one day?

Here was a wee bird I managed NOT to kill…

He watched me mow and when I hit a wet spot and it chewed the grass up (did I mention it was still a little bit wet?)  he was on it, there are lots of worms in my yard right now…

At least there is some life out there, the sun has finally woke everyone up!!

So now I am off to start making some more super cool stuff, next on the list is a uber cute jersey tank, that is soo easy and unbelievably cute, and then ANOTHER super sweet bag…I have the sewing bug :) it’s been a long time, unbelievable how expensive everything is to buy now. Patterns are $14.00 and UP…hence me making my own.

When I went into the fabric store today I took the first purse with me, but the naysayer fabric cutter wasn’t there, dammit…would have showed her…

Oh and I took a picture of the dragonflies finished off, next…more flowers :)


So that is about it for today, back to work tomorrow…our mini staycation is over :(

This morning William and Hannah and Colton left me. Colton is heading to my brothers in Whitehorse and William and Hannah headed back home…

It is feeling like summer now though, let the road trips begin!!

Have a great Monday my friends…

17 thoughts on “It’s all fun and games until you get hit in the head with a butterfly…

  1. The flying things and the dragonflies just reminded me that a couple weeks ago, I got divebombed by the biggest f-ing dragonfly I’ve ever seen. . . in the theater in NYC. I have witnesses too. It was AT LEAST 7 inches long, and we have no idea why it was hanging out by the sound board. Cool, and scary (in the sense that I was convinced it was going to get trapped in my hair).


  2. I like your rules on the dog shit. I live in apts still, and there are cearly signs and even bags for disposal. I mean there are even dumpsters. And yet when I go for a walk, I still see it and thankfully manage to miss it. But really come on if you can’t handle your dogs business, there should be no reason why you should have a dog in the first place.

    And that picture of the butterfly was beautiful even with the imperfections. :0)


    • People are stupid…really. My neighbours dogs are barking their asses off as we speak, and they don’t care. They just let them bark…I am going to start yelling SHUT UP at the top of my lungs, we will see how much they like that. Maybe they will get the f*&^king hint…


  3. RIP bird, but at least it didn’t smudge up your Mustang. Where I live, in the spring and fall wild turkeys hang out having dance parties on one particular bend in the road I travel twice daily. There’s also the constant almost year-round threat of martyring possums, skunks, raccoons, deer, groundhogs, frogs and/or toads, etc., etc.


    • Ya I ran over a racoon with my Mustang, I felt awful, but was mostly worried I would have to clean body parts off the car….gah…I didn’t have to luckily, it appeared to be that I ran over it’s head…GOD I AM A MURDERING WENCH!!!!


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