An Ahhsome day…part 2

Well my friends, today was another spectacular day, we left Victoria this morning about 11, had an uneventful trip to Ladysmith where we stopped and had a quick browse through the big Antique store in the old post office, very cool…but we never found anything to love.

Our next stop was in Coombs, we had lunch, which was kind of a gong show, First off, Bill didn’t get his burger…and then when he finally did get it, it was a little disappointing. Take his burger from yesterday…take about 4 inches off of it, and add mold…ya, nice.  I had already eaten HALF of my chicken burger by then, so if there was mold on mine, I didn’t know about it…again. Nice.

We then went to the market and poked around, I went with full intentions of buying a loaf of their delicious bread, until I saw the price. 6.99 a loaf…I think NOT.

I am way too cheap, and unless it comes with a naked boy to cut it  for me at that price…I don’t think so.

We then ventured into the hat store, the guy is fairly animated and kept us amused while we shopped. While we were in there I fell in love with a purse, they are hand made..and were $34.99 each.

Now I can sew…and I couldn’t bring myself at this point in my life to spend even $34.99 on a purse. So I walked away, with the thought in the back of my head, that Hannah and I are making purses when we get home…

We got to town and went to the fabric store before we went home…

They didn’t have the pattern we wanted, typically sold out. We bought the material anyways. I told the lady at the counter we were going to make our own pattern.

Somewhere in there I mentioned that I haven’t really sewn for about 10 years. She said we were brave, she has being sewing for years and wouldn’t attempt that …

Well she obviously doesn’t know me. AND we got material for two purses for about $40…

After we got home, we had reservations at April Point for dinner, you see it is William and I’s 1st Anniversary tomorrow :) Can you believe it? That year absolutely flew by :)

Here was my salad, it was freaking amazing, Arugula, baby beets, some kind of amazing cheese, and sugar crusted walnuts…

William had clams and mussels and then we share a kamikaze roll and a Quadra Island roll, with a blueberry tea for me for dessert…

It was absolutely delicious.

We then came home, and Hannah and I started creating, we now have purses for both of us cut out and ready to sew…pictures will follow tomorrow…we will have a purse blog, hopefully they turn out, cause if they do, we are going back to show the naysayer lady in the fabric store…

Happy Thursday night my friends, well the 10 minutes that are left of it…

And Happy Anniversary baby… I love you.

6 thoughts on “An Ahhsome day…part 2

  1. Show that naysaying mofo nonpursemakeing negative beachla sewing lady to shell. If you need any tips I’m here for ya. Skype me!
    I haven’t sewn for years either and I bet I can still whip in a zipper…yeah…and a buttonhole too, so there sewing lady! Donna and Hannah will show you :o)


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