An Ahhsome day…

Well we are on our little roadtrip to Victoria. My bestest bud Cathy is letting us sleep in her camper and eat her food :) We are having a really great visit, I love days off :)

Today we got to meet one of my blogging buddies Sandi from Ahhsome. We had a GREAT visit, and Sandi and her kids are as great in real life as she is on her blog. We had many laughs and a really great day hanging out!! Unfortunately we didn’t have the pleasure of meeting her Bill, as he had to go to Vancouver to work earlier than expected. We are seriously thinking we need a trip to California now :) I just need my passport, I am on it Sandi…really, I am…

Here are some pictures of our fun day together :)

27 thoughts on “An Ahhsome day…

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  3. HEY!
    Okay so Gumby’s comment- was that your tagline in school? (ha-ha!) “I’m fun and I’m flexible” no wonder you were popular! :)

    Oh my- all of Donna’s readers- she is truly just how she presents herself on her blog! I was sad our visit wasn’t as long as I would have prefered. Both Donna, and her Bill, are very witty and fun to just cruise around town. Plus they helped this poor mom out, helping me reload the car, and sending me off in the correct direction to the proper ferry! Hooray!

    I feel like a left a best friend behind too soon. (it must have been the cold medication I was on- just kidding!) Isn’t it great the bonds created via blogging? My Bill said he was disappointed he couldn’t hang out and meet ya guys, but you are welcome in our humble place any time and if you bring the camper…we’ll be glad to be your guides! If you bring Hannah, we’ll do the Amusement Park stuff! Sammie-do has already asked about her!

    Okay, DONNA’S READERS- I’ll be blogging my pictures of that visit soon…but I’m trying to blog my vacation in order and I’m behind a couple of posts.

    Lake Forest, CA USA

    P.S. DONNA get your passport, woman!


    • :) I agree with all of the above, I am so so glad we met even if it was a short visit, I totally agree that it felt like I left a best friend too soon as well…as for the Gumby comment…hahahahahahahahahhaha, I think I peed a little :) Too freaking funny…

      Tell Bill we are sorry we missed him too, but we will definitely be down for a visit, I am not even kidding…I AM WORKING ON THE PASSPORT…DAMMIT…

      But really Sandi, it was just totally ahhsome meeting you, not even kidding there, you are a spectacular chickie…and your babies are more than adorable, give Gibson a big kiss on the cheek for me and give Sam a hug from me and Hannah :)


  4. I need to invest in a passport too. One of these days when I shed this old skin I intend to meet some of the wonderful people that inspired me to do so. That includes you, Donna! Besides, I have relatives all throughout Canada I haven’t seen in eons. Killing many birds with one stone, I say!


    • Vixter!
      Do you have a cheap place to provide us lodging? Perhaps a “host” family of sorts? (free is alway best!) Ha- you know how living off 1 income thing doesn’t allow for much travel where my husband doesn’t have business expenses he can write off…

      Ha! I’d be there in a heartbeat! Perhaps you can come to our Southern California Blogger meet-up?

      both you and Donna get your passports ready! :)


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