Super Sexy Sunday…

Ok folks…before I begin this week, I just want to put out there that I am running short on ideas. So what do you want me to post on here? What are your questions…thoughts, and maybe even ideas??? Help a sister out would ya? Leave me some suggestions in the comments :)

So this week I want to talk about eyes…

I think it is true that the eyes are the windows of the soul…

I change my eye makeup pretty much daily, depending on how much time I have and how I am feeling that day. The rest of my makeup routine pretty much stays the same though.

My new love this month, well for summer I guess…is liquid eyeliner.

Once you get the hang of applying it, it is a really easy way to make your eyes POP!!

My favorite eyeliner is Maybelline Waterproof liquid liner…it has an awesome brush and the little bottle lasts for a long time, and it never clumps or smudges off. It really is waterproof.

It won’t take you long to get the hang of applying it if you have never done it before either…I always start on the middle of my lid and work my way out in both directions, make a nice thin line, you can always thicken it up more as you go. Remember it is waterproof, so once it is on there, it is on there :)

Keep it beautiful ladies, and have a super sexy day!!! xoxo


24 thoughts on “Super Sexy Sunday…

  1. I have never been able to use liquid eyeliner properly so I try to use as little makeup as possible … but if you come across one of those new fangled mascaras that’s supposed to increase the growth of your lashes AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS, please let me know!

  2. Okay, so I’m trying to catch up on all my subscriptions I just hit your Munchie Monday post and am now at your Super Sexy Sunday, and it suddenly occurred to me what an oxymoron it is to follow one with the other. Why do I suspect you’re trying to make us feel better before we stuff our faces with your recipes? I smell something fishy….

  3. Julie you nailed it……….she is not scary in the least…….very easy on the eyes…….awesome personality and yes both inside and out <3

  4. I don’t use eye liner or make-up as a rule, well maybe on the weekend, and just for fun, like therapy, you know? Um, that was a joke. No really. The only time I ever wore make-up was when 4 girls held me down and covered my face with it. I looked kinda cool, but anyway that was the only time. I swear.

    Changing the subject quickly. Topics for you to blog about. Lemme see, any crazy road trips worth sharing? Thoughts about your next tatt? Plans for the summer? Ooh what about gardening tips? That’s a great shot of your garden on your About page. There’s plenty of stuff to blog about, but what keeps me coming back is your humour!

      • This has got to be a silly question but do men feel sexy? When I get cleaned up and put on nice clothes I’m not sure I feel sexy, happy and smart for sure but not sexy. I’ve got a friend who regularly does the full drag act, dress, wig, makeup, high heels, the lot, then he pops down the pub for a pint! Before you ask, it isn’t me!

  5. I actually need this tip! My daughter lines her eyes so pretty and I can NOT get it figured out and what I am using is smudgy! Now talking about eyes……the iris of my eyes……the blue part ; )…….has a very distinct flower design around the pupil. Know what that means? What does your iris….say about you? That will give you something else to talk about ; ) Love, Me

  6. I’m not a makeup person, but recently I have been feeling the need to be “pretty” and “feminine.” So, this looks like a simple enough start to “sexing” it up a bit. Will try! ;-) . . . maybe.

      • ~ you scary, not a chance in hell !! ~ you are beautiful inside and out, make-up, no make-up; hair up, hair down, doesn’t really matter. you have a heart of gold and a smile that lights up even the darkest of rooms! I so enjoy reading your blogs, they make me laugh and brighten my day more than you can imagine; especially being 10,000 mile away from those I love most in the world (other than the new hubby of course, lol). so, no you’re not scary, and even if you were, I still think you Rock!!!! ~ xo <3

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