Ya…I got nothing…

I am not often blog topic-less…

Today I am. No one has pissed me off. No one has brought me presents. No one has deserved a blog about them, I haven’t lost five pounds…what the hell is that? I have been working my ass off, and I am staying the exact same…

What the hell is going on with the world? Where is all the action I need to blog about?

I have to admit, I feel a little lost and unfocused now that hockey season is over. I didn’t really realize how much of my attention it took, or how much time it has consumed since the season started last year.

I think part of my trouble right now is the weather. I need some vitamin D…there is no sun. Well there is but it is always on days when I am working.

Oh hang on, I do have one beef. I seem to have new neighbours, with dogs that bark at absolutely EVERYTHING, like they are right this minute…I am not maintaining…the people don’t even care that they bark…what the FUCK is that all about? I can see we are maybe gonna have an issue or two about that. No wonder I never make friends with my neighbours. I will have to get together with my other neighbour Jesika…that I DO like…we might need to band together on this one, she is right next door to them, I am sure issues will fall over the fence. I already saw him throwing branches over the fence to their side, I don’t actually know if it was on their property or Jes’s but I couldn’t believe my eyes when he did it.

I usually don’t give a shit what my neighbours do, as long as they don’t bug me, but don’t be obnoxious…it won’t go well for you. I promise.

Oh…I just remembered I bought scratch and win tickets…let me go scratch. Maybe I will have something fun to tell you in a minute…


I won $10.

Sweet, that is the most I have won in about three years :)


$10,000 would have been awesome, but we can’t be greedy can we?? I am up $8 from where I started, it paid for the gas for my lawnmower anyway. I am grateful for that…

Today my friend Barbara came back to work, you remember I told you about the friend who’s husband was in the plane crash?  He is doing ok, it will be a slow and frustrating road.  He is stubborn and is already giving everyone a hard time. Barb said he wants coffee…hehehehe, and a smoke. He must be at least a wee bit better. He also tried to get out of bed one night. Hooked up to about 40 different tubes. That were helping to keep him breathing and stuff. Thank god the nurse caught him.  That is the problem with having a doctor for a patient. He is gonna try and do whatever he wants. I am so glad he is doing better, and all of the really bad stuff is behind them now.

I am looking forward to meeting Sandi from Ahhsome  next week :) On Tuesday night Bill, Hannah and I are headed down to Victoria for a visit with my bestie Cathy, and on Wednesday we will hook up with Sandi and her family!!! There will be many pictures and stories to tell I am sure :) I then have the rest of the week off, with the finishing tat appointment on Saturday morning…and I mean finishing in the lightest sense…it might never be finished :)

Well really, that is about it, I guess I should go clean up my kitchen from the bacon and tomato sandwiches we had for dinner. Then I think I might have a nap before bed…I am tired. I might need a blankie, it feels like February in here instead of the day before summer…

Happy Tuesday my friends…xoxo


28 thoughts on “Ya…I got nothing…

  1. I could never get into hockey…we had a minor league team a long time ago. I just don’t know all the rules & penalties so it was to hard to follow. As far as the lottery stuff…..I did win $10,000 last year.

  2. Even when you’ve nothing to blog about you still manage to make me smile! I woke up in a bad mood this morning but thanks to you my smile is back in place! Tip for you about the barking neighbour dogs. Cheap steak with sleeping pills ground up and stuffed inside, chuck em over the fence when you’re at home. Wait for dogs to chow down then fall asleep. Job done!

  3. Barking dogs… uuugh! Hope that situation improves. It’s funny I have never purchased a lottery ticket of any kind. Sometimes I wonder how much money I would have won in all these years… yeah you’re right, probably not much!

  4. There must be something in the air, cause several of us are dealing with the neighbor-crap. In my case I’ve already dealt with it, but when I run into her anywhere I feel my fur begin to rise, and the claws come out. Fortunately she lives half mile down the road and you can’t see her place from mine, or I’d be seething with rage constantly. I used to hate having neighbors that lived next door. “No, I don’t want to be friendly, because I don’t want you thinking you can stop by anytime, dump your kids on me to babysit, watch your house and water your plants when you leave on vacation, or check on you when your sick and be expected to give you a gift at Christmas” Umm… no! I want friends that live clear across town so if we have a falling out for one reason or another I can easily get rid of them. Ain’t I just a sweetheart?
    It sounds like you’ve got some fun in your future. Kick your heels up a little for me, will ya? I’m not above having fun vicariously through others, thank you.

  5. Sorry to hear that you’re nit finding a sparkle or challenge to blog about right now. If I recall your climate correctly, the ‘blah’ days of cloud and drizzle are almost over and you’ll soon have sunshine most days until sometime in the autumn?

    Should I start a fight with you about something, so you have something to blog about? :)

  6. Who says you have to write about “something” all the time! Your post about “nothing” still made me chuckle lady… What’s that say about me then?! Hehehe :) Hope your nap before bed was superbly awesome… I tried it the other day and it worked out well for me! Happy first day of summer!!! Hoping the weather starts to cooperate for ya! :)

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